Stack Overflow Tag Trends

Each graph shows the proportion of questions tagged with a particular tag relative to the total number of questions asked that week.

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Popular Languages (c#, java, php, javascript, c++, python)

Systems Languages (c++, c, objective-c, delphi, d)

Dynamic Scripting Languages (php, python, ruby, perl)

Lisp Family (lisp, scheme, clojure)

JVM Languages (scala, groovy, clojure)

Functional Programming (haskell, f#, clojure)

Distributed Source Control (git, mercurial, bazaar)

Central Source Control (svn, tfs, cvs, visual-sourcesafe)

Text Editors (vim, emacs, textmate)

Java IDEs (eclipse, netbeans, intellij-idea)

Build Systems (msbuild, maven-2, ant, make, cmake, scons)

Operating Systems (windows, unix, linux, osx)

Web Servers (apache, iis, lighttpd, nginx)

Browsers (internet-explorer, firefox, safari, opera, chrome)

Embedded Applets (flash, silverlight, canvas)

Web Services (web-services, soap, rest)

Database Servers (sql-server, mysql, postgresql, oracle, sqlite)

Virtual Machines (jvm, clr, parrot)

Windows UI (wpf, winforms, gdi)

Mobile (iphone, android, blackberry, symbian, palm-os)

Javascript Libraries (jquery, prototype, mootools)

Development Process (design, programming, unit-testing, debugging)

Meta (subjective, not-programming-related, polls, belongs-on-serverfault, stackoverflow)