(zhuān) for a particular person, occasion, purpose; focused on one thing; special; expert; particular (to sth); concentrated; specialized

专一 (w)

(zhuānyī) single-minded; concentrated

专事 (w)

(zhuānshì) specialized

专人 (w)

(zhuānrén) specialist; person appointed for specific task

专任 (w)

(zhuānrèn) full time; to appoint sb to a specific task

专列 (w)

(zhuānliè) special train; abbr. for 專門列車|专门列车[zhuan1 men2 lie4 che1]

专利 (w)

(zhuānlì) patent

专利局 (w)

(zhuānlìjú) patent office

专利权 (w)

(zhuānlìquán) patent right

专利法 (w)

(zhuānlìfǎ) patent law

专利药品 (w)

(zhuānlìyàopǐn) patent drugs

专制 (w)

(zhuānzhì) autocracy; dictatorship

专制主义 (w)

(zhuānzhìzhǔyì) absolutism; despotism; autocracy

专制君主制 (w)

(zhuānzhìjūnzhǔzhì) absolute monarchy; autocracy

专区 (w)

(zhuānqū) special district; prefecture

专司 (w)

(zhuānsī) specialist (responsible some task)

专名 (w)

(zhuānmíng) proper noun

专名词 (w)

(zhuānmíngcí) proper noun

专员 (w)

(zhuānyuán) assistant director; commissioner

专家 (w)

(zhuānjiā) expert; specialist; CL:個|个[ge4]

专家系统 (w)

(zhuānjiāxìtǒng) expert system

专家评价 (w)

(zhuānjiāpíngjià) expert evaluation

专家评论 (w)

(zhuānjiāpínglùn) expert commentary

专属 (w)

(zhuānshǔ) exclusive

专属经济区 (w)

(zhuānshǔjīngjìqū) exclusive economic zone

专征 (w)

(zhuānzhēng) to go on a personal punitive expedition

专心 (w)

(zhuānxīn) to concentrate; absorption; concentration; engrossed

专心一意 (w)

(zhuānxīnyīyì) to concentrate on

专心致志 (w)

(zhuānxīnzhìzhì) with single-hearted devotion (idiom)

专意 (w)

(zhuānyì) deliberately; on purpose

专控 (w)

(zhuānkòng) exclusive control

专擅 (w)

(zhuānshàn) without authorization; to act on one's own initiative

专攻 (w)

(zhuāngōng) to specialize in; to major in

专政 (w)

(zhuānzhèng) dictatorship

专断 (w)

(zhuānduàn) to act arbitrarily; to make decisions without consulting others

专有 (w)

(zhuānyǒu) exclusive; proprietary

专有名词 (w)

(zhuānyǒumíngcí) proper noun

专案 (w)

(zhuānàn) project (Taiwanese); special case for investigation

专案组 (w)

(zhuānànzǔ) special investigating team (legal or judicial)

专业 (w)

(zhuānyè) specialty; specialized field; main field of study (at university); major; CL:門|门[men2],個|个[ge4]; professional

专业人才 (w)

(zhuānyèréncái) expert (in a field)

专业化 (w)

(zhuānyèhuà) specialization

专业性 (w)

(zhuānyèxìng) professionalism; expertise

专业户 (w)

(zhuānyèhù) family firm producing a special product; cottage industry

专业教育 (w)

(zhuānyèjiàoyù) specialized education; technical school

专业知识 (w)

(zhuānyèzhīshi) specialized knowledge

专横 (w)

(zhuānhèng) imperious; peremptory

专栏 (w)

(zhuānlán) special column

专权 (w)

(zhuānquán) autocracy; dictatorship

专款 (w)

(zhuānkuǎn) special fund; money allocated for a particular purpose

专治 (w)

(zhuānzhì) (of medicine) to use specifically for the treatment of

专注 (w)

(zhuānzhù) concentrated; single-mindedly devoted to

专营 (w)

(zhuānyíng) special trade; monopoly

专营店 (w)

(zhuānyíngdiàn) exclusive agency; franchised shop; authorized store

专用 (w)

(zhuānyòng) special; dedicated

专用网路 (w)

(zhuānyòngwǎnglù) dedicated network

专用集成电路 (w)

(zhuānyòngjíchéngdiànlù) application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC)

专科 (w)

(zhuānkē) specialized subject; branch (of medicine); specialized training school

专科学校 (w)

(zhuānkēxuéxiào) specialized school; college for professional training; polytechnic

专科院校 (w)

(zhuānkēyuànxiào) academy

专程 (w)

(zhuānchéng) special-purpose trip

专管 (w)

(zhuānguǎn) to be in charge of something specific

专线 (w)

(zhuānxiàn) special-purpose phone line or communications link; hotline; special rail line (e.g. between airport and city); CL:條|条[tiao2]

专美于前 (w)

(zhuānměiyúqián) to take advantage of the good reputations of others (idiom)

专职 (w)

(zhuānzhí) special duty; assigned full time to a task

专著 (w)

(zhuānzhù) monograph; specialized text

专访 (w)

(zhuānfǎng) exclusive interview

专责 (w)

(zhuānzé) specific responsibility

专卖 (w)

(zhuānmài) monopoly; exclusive right to trade

专卖店 (w)

(zhuānmàidiàn) specialty store

专车 (w)

(zhuānchē) special (or reserved) train (or other vehicle)

专辑 (w)

(zhuānjí) album; record (music); special collection of printed or broadcast material

专长 (w)

(zhuāncháng) specialty; special knowledge or ability

专门 (w)

(zhuānmén) specialist; specialized; customized

专门人员 (w)

(zhuānménrényuán) specialist; specialized staff

专门列车 (w)

(zhuānménlièchē) special train

专门化 (w)

(zhuānménhuà) to specialize

专门家 (w)

(zhuānménjiā) specialist

专门机构 (w)

(zhuānménjīgòu) specialized agency

专项 (w)

(zhuānxiàng) special; dedicated

专题 (w)

(zhuāntí) special topic