(yán) surname Yan


(yán) tight (closely sealed); stern; strict; rigorous; severe; father

严了眼儿 (w)

(yánleyǎnr) up to the eyeballs; full to overflowing; jampacked

严以责己宽以待人 (w)

(yányǐzéjǐkuānyǐdàirén) to be severe with oneself and lenient with others (idiom)

严冬 (w)

(yándōng) severe winter

严刑 (w)

(yánxíng) strict law; cruel punishment; to carry out cruel law rigorously

严加 (w)

(yánjiā) to increase vigilance; to take more rigorous (precautions)

严加申饬 (w)

(yánjiāshēnchì) serious warning

严厉 (w)

(yánlì) severe; strict

严厉打击 (w)

(yánlìdǎjī) to strike a severe blow; to crack down; to take strong measures

严厉批评 (w)

(yánlìpīpíng) to criticize severely; to slate

严严实实 (w)

(yányánshíshí) solid; firm

严守 (w)

(yánshǒu) to strictly maintain

严密 (w)

(yánmì) strict; tight (organization, surveillance etc)

严寒 (w)

(yánhán) bitter cold; severe winter

严实 (w)

(yánshi) tight; close; safely hidden; safely; securely

严岛 (w)

(yándǎo) Itsukushima island in Hiroshima prefecture, Japan, with a famous shrine

严岛神社 (w)

(yándǎoshénshè) Itsukujima shrine in Hiroshima prefecture, Japan

严峻 (w)

(yánjùn) grim; severe; rigorous

严复 (w)

(yánfù) Yan Fu (1853-1921), influential Chinese writer and translator of Western books, esp. on social sciences

严慈 (w)

(yáncí) strict and compassionate; strict as a father and tender as a mother

严惩 (w)

(yánchéng) to punish severely

严惩不贷 (w)

(yánchéngbùdài) to punish strictly with no leniency (idiom); to punish and show no mercy; zero tolerance

严打 (w)

(yándǎ) to crack down on; to take severe measures against

严把 (w)

(yánbǎ) to be strict; to enforce vigorously (procedures, quality control etc)

严斥 (w)

(yánchì) to scold; to censure

严于律己 (w)

(yányúlǜjǐ) to be strict with oneself

严明 (w)

(yánmíng) strict and impartial; firm

严查 (w)

(yánchá) to investigate strictly

严格 (w)

(yángé) strict; stringent; tight; rigorous

严格来说 (w)

(yángéláishuō) strictly speaking

严格来讲 (w)

(yángéláijiǎng) strictly speaking

严格按照 (w)

(yángéànzhào) strictly according to

严格隔离 (w)

(yángégélí) rigorous isolation

严正 (w)

(yánzhèng) sternly; solemn

严父 (w)

(yánfù) strict or stern father

严禁 (w)

(yánjìn) strictly prohibit

严竣 (w)

(yánjùn) tight; strict; severe; stern; difficult

严紧 (w)

(yánjǐn) strict; tight

严肃 (w)

(yánsù) solemn; grave; serious; earnest; severe

严苛 (w)

(yánkē) severe; harsh

严词 (w)

(yáncí) forceful (criticism etc); to use strong words

严谨 (w)

(yánjǐn) rigorous; strict; careful; cautious; compact; well-knit

严辞 (w)

(yáncí) stern words

严酷 (w)

(yánkù) bitter; harsh; grim; ruthless; severe; cut-throat (competition)

严重 (w)

(yánzhòng) grave; serious; severe; critical

严重危害 (w)

(yánzhòngwēihài) severe harm; critical danger

严重问题 (w)

(yánzhòngwèntí) serious problem

严重后果 (w)

(yánzhònghòuguǒ) grave consequence; serious repercussion

严重性 (w)

(yánzhòngxìng) seriousness

严重破坏 (w)

(yánzhòngpòhuài) serious damage

严重关切 (w)

(yánzhòngguānqiè) serious concern

严防 (w)

(yánfáng) to take strict precautions; on your guard

严饬 (w)

(yánchì) careful; precise