(sāng) to make funeral arrangements; to be in mourning; corpse (old)


(sàng) to lose; to flee; to be defeated; to die

丧乱 (w)

(sāngluàn) tragic disaster; disturbance and bloodshed

丧事 (w)

(sāngshì) funeral arrangements; undertaking

丧亡 (w)

(sàngwáng) to die

丧假 (w)

(sāngjià) funeral leave

丧偶 (w)

(sàngǒu) bereaved of one's spouse (literary)

丧仪 (w)

(sāngyí) funeral ceremony

丧命 (w)

(sàngmìng) to lose one's life

丧天害理 (w)

(sàngtiānhàilǐ) devoid of conscience (idiom)

丧失 (w)

(sàngshī) to lose; to forfeit

丧失殆尽 (w)

(sàngshīdàijìn) to lose everything

丧妻 (w)

(sàngqī) deceased wife

丧家之犬 (w)

(sàngjiāzhīquǎn) lit. a homeless dog (idiom); fig. homeless and with nowhere to go

丧德 (w)

(sàngdé) wicked; offending morality

丧心病狂 (w)

(sàngxīnbìngkuáng) frenzied (idiom); completely crazy and ridiculous; loss of reason; insane; crazed cruelty

丧志 (w)

(sàngzhì) lose determination

丧服 (w)

(sāngfú) mourning garment

丧梆 (w)

(sàngbāng) cold and offensive (talk or manner)

丧棒 (w)

(sāngbàng) funeral stick (held by the son as a sign of filial piety)

丧权辱国 (w)

(sàngquánrǔguó) to forfeit sovereignty and humiliate the country (idiom); to surrender territory under humiliating terms

丧气 (w)

(sàngqì) to feel disheartened

丧气 (w)

(sàngqi) unlucky

丧气话 (w)

(sàngqìhuà) demoralizing talk

丧气鬼 (w)

(sàngqìguǐ) downcast wretch; bad-tempered and unpleasant person

丧父 (w)

(sàngfù) to be orphaned of one's father

丧生 (w)

(sàngshēng) to die; lose one's life

丧尽 (w)

(sàngjìn) completely lose

丧尽天良 (w)

(sàngjìntiānliáng) devoid of conscience (idiom); utterly heartless

丧礼 (w)

(sānglǐ) funeral

丧胆 (w)

(sàngdǎn) panic-stricken; scared out of one's wits

丧荒 (w)

(sānghuāng) mourning ceremonial

丧葬 (w)

(sāngzàng) funeral; burial

丧葬费 (w)

(sāngzàngfèi) funeral expenses

丧亲 (w)

(sàngqīn) bereavement; to lose a relative

丧钟 (w)

(sāngzhōng) knell

丧门星 (w)

(sāngménxīng) messenger of death (cf Irish banshee); person bringing bad luck

丧门神 (w)

(sāngménshén) messenger of death (cf Irish banshee); person bringing bad luck

丧魂失魄 (w)

(sànghúnshīpò) lit. lost soul, vanished spirit (idiom); distraught (at a loss); heart-broken

丧魂落魄 (w)

(sànghúnluòpò) scared out of one's wits (idiom); in a panic