(chuàn) to string together; to mix up; to conspire; to rove; to make a swift or abrupt linear movement (like a bead on an abacus); to move across; bunch or cluster; string (computing); classifier for rows or strings

串供 (w)

(chuàngòng) to collude; to string a false confession

串口 (w)

(chuànkǒu) serial port (computing)

串岗 (w)

(chuàngǎng) to leave one's post during working hours

串换 (w)

(chuànhuàn) to exchange; to change; to swap

串烧 (w)

(chuànshāo) to cook on a skewer; barbecued food on a skewer; shish kebab

串线 (w)

(chuànxiàn) to get the lines crossed

串联 (w)

(chuànlián) to establish ties or contact; in series connection (electricity)

串处理 (w)

(chuànchǔlǐ) string processing (computing)

串号 (w)

(chuànhào) identification number; IMEI

串行 (w)

(chuànháng) to miss a line; to confuse two lines

串行 (w)

(chuànxíng) series; serial (computer)

串行口 (w)

(chuànxíngkǒu) serial port (computing)

串行点阵打印机 (w)

(chuànxíngdiǎnzhèndǎyìnjī) serial dot matrix printer

串亲访友 (w)

(chuànqīnfǎngyǒu) to call on friends and relations (idiom)

串谋 (w)

(chuànmóu) to conspire

串通 (w)

(chuàntōng) to collude; to collaborate; to gang up

串门 (w)

(chuànmén) to call on sb; to drop in; to visit sb's home

串门儿 (w)

(chuànménr) erhua variant of 串門|串门[chuan4 men2]

串门子 (w)

(chuànménzi) see 串門|串门[chuan4 men2]

串音 (w)

(chuànyīn) crosstalk; to overhear