(zhǔ) owner; master; host; individual or party concerned; God; Lord; main; to indicate or signify; trump card (in card games)

主不先客 (w)

(zhǔbùxiānkè) guests or visitors first (idiom)

主人 (w)

(zhǔrén) master; host; owner; CL:個|个[ge4]

主人公 (w)

(zhǔréngōng) hero (of a novel or film); main protagonist

主人翁 (w)

(zhǔrénwēng) master (of one's own destiny etc)

主任 (w)

(zhǔrèn) director; head; CL:個|个[ge4]

主修 (w)

(zhǔxiū) to major in

主仆 (w)

(zhǔpú) master and servant

主公 (w)

(zhǔgōng) Your Highness; Your Majesty

主力 (w)

(zhǔlì) main force; main strength of an army

主力舰 (w)

(zhǔlìjiàn) battleship

主动 (w)

(zhǔdòng) to take the initiative; to do sth of one's own accord; spontaneous; active; opposite: passive 被動|被动[bei4 dong4]; drive (of gears and shafts etc)

主动免疫 (w)

(zhǔdòngmiǎnyì) active immunity

主动脉 (w)

(zhǔdòngmài) aorta; principal artery

主和弦 (w)

(zhǔhéxián) tonic triad; triad of the home key

主和派 (w)

(zhǔhépài) the peace faction; doves

主因 (w)

(zhǔyīn) main reason

主场 (w)

(zhǔchǎng) home ground (sports); home field; main venue; main stadium

主委 (w)

(zhǔwěi) committee chairperson

主妇 (w)

(zhǔfù) housewife; woman of senior authority in a household; the lady of the house; hostess

主嫌 (w)

(zhǔxián) prime, key or main suspect (law)

主子 (w)

(zhǔzi) Master (term used by servant); Your Majesty; operator (of machine)

主宰 (w)

(zhǔzǎi) to dominate; to rule; to dictate; master

主宰者 (w)

(zhǔzǎizhě) ruler

主导 (w)

(zhǔdǎo) to lead; to manage

主导性 (w)

(zhǔdǎoxìng) leadership

主导权 (w)

(zhǔdǎoquán) leadership (role)

主峰 (w)

(zhǔfēng) main peak (of a mountain range)

主席 (w)

(zhǔxí) chairperson; premier; chairman; CL:個|个[ge4],位[wei4]

主席国 (w)

(zhǔxíguó) chair country; country holding revolving presidency

主席团 (w)

(zhǔxítuán) presidium

主席台 (w)

(zhǔxítái) rostrum; platform; CL:個|个[ge4]

主干 (w)

(zhǔgàn) trunk; main; core

主干网络 (w)

(zhǔgànwǎngluò) core network

主干网路 (w)

(zhǔgànwǎnglù) core network; backbone network

主干线 (w)

(zhǔgànxiàn) trunk line (of road, network etc); backbone (cable)

主序星 (w)

(zhǔxùxīng) star in the main sequence (astron.)

主厅 (w)

(zhǔtīng) main lobby

主张 (w)

(zhǔzhāng) to advocate; to stand for; view; position; stand; proposition; viewpoint; assertion; CL:個|个[ge4]

主从 (w)

(zhǔcóng) master-slave (computing); client-server (computing); primary and secondary

主心骨 (w)

(zhǔxīngǔ) backbone; mainstay; pillar; definite view; one's own judgment

主意 (w)

(zhǔyi) plan; idea; decision; CL:個|个[ge4]

主战派 (w)

(zhǔzhànpài) the pro-war faction; hawks

主打品牌 (w)

(zhǔdǎpǐnpái) premium brand; flagship product

主承销商 (w)

(zhǔchéngxiāoshāng) lead underwriter

主持 (w)

(zhǔchí) to take charge of; to manage or direct; to preside over; to uphold; to stand for (justice etc); to host (a TV or radio program etc)

主持人 (w)

(zhǔchírén) TV or radio presenter; host; anchor

主掌 (w)

(zhǔzhǎng) in charge (of a position etc); the person in charge; responsible

主播 (w)

(zhǔbō) anchor (TV)

主攻 (w)

(zhǔgōng) main assault; to focus on; to specialize in; to major in

主教 (w)

(zhǔjiào) bishop

主料 (w)

(zhǔliào) main ingredients (in a cooking recipe)

主旋律 (w)

(zhǔxuánlǜ) theme or subject (music)

主族 (w)

(zhǔzú) main group

主日 (w)

(zhǔrì) Sabbath; Sunday

主日学 (w)

(zhǔrìxué) Sunday School

主旨 (w)

(zhǔzhǐ) gist; main idea; general tenor; one's judgment

主材 (w)

(zhǔcái) principal or main material (engineering)

主板 (w)

(zhǔbǎn) motherboard (computer) (lit. lord board)

主格 (w)

(zhǔgé) nominative

主业 (w)

(zhǔyè) main business

主机 (w)

(zhǔjī) core

主机名 (w)

(zhǔjīmíng) hostname (of a networked computer)

主机板 (w)

(zhǔjībǎn) motherboard

主权 (w)

(zhǔquán) sovereignty

主权国家 (w)

(zhǔquánguójiā) sovereign country

主法向量 (w)

(zhǔfǎxiàngliàng) principal normal vector (to a space curve)

主流 (w)

(zhǔliú) main stream (of a river); fig. the essential point; main viewpoint of a matter

主演 (w)

(zhǔyǎn) to act the leading role (in a movie or a play); to star; lead actor

主犯 (w)

(zhǔfàn) culprits

主球 (w)

(zhǔqiú) cue ball (in pool etc)

主环 (w)

(zhǔhuán) primary ring

主祭 (w)

(zhǔjì) to perform the sacrificial rites at a funeral

主祷文 (w)

(zhǔdǎowén) Lord's Prayer

主科 (w)

(zhǔkē) required courses in the major subject

主管 (w)

(zhǔguǎn) in charge; responsible for

主管人员 (w)

(zhǔguǎnrényuán) executive

主管教区 (w)

(zhǔguǎnjiàoqū) diocese

主管机关 (w)

(zhǔguǎnjīguān) the authorities; higher competent body

主簿 (w)

(zhǔbù) official registrar (of a county etc.) in imperial China

主编 (w)

(zhǔbiān) editor

主罚 (w)

(zhǔfá) penalty (kick)

主义 (w)

(zhǔyì) -ism; ideology

主航道 (w)

(zhǔhángdào) main channel

主菜 (w)

(zhǔcài) main course

主要 (w)

(zhǔyào) main; principal; major; primary

主见 (w)

(zhǔjiàn) one's own view; having definite opinions

主观 (w)

(zhǔguān) subjective

主观主义 (w)

(zhǔguānzhǔyì) subjectivism

主角 (w)

(zhǔjué) leading role; lead

主计 (w)

(zhǔjì) chief accounting officer; controller; comptroller; paymaster; treasurer (Han dynasty)

主计室 (w)

(zhǔjìshì) auditing department; accounting department; comptroller office

主词 (w)

(zhǔcí) subject

主语 (w)

(zhǔyǔ) subject (in grammar)

主调 (w)

(zhǔdiào) main point of an argument; a principal viewpoint

主谓句 (w)

(zhǔwèijù) subject-predicate sentence; subject-predicate clause

主谓结构 (w)

(zhǔwèijiégòu) subject-predicate construction

主谓宾 (w)

(zhǔwèibīn) subject-verb-object SVO or subject-predicate-object sentence pattern (e.g. in Chinese grammar)

主讲 (w)

(zhǔjiǎng) to give a lecture; to lecture on

主宾谓 (w)

(zhǔbīnwèi) subject-object-verb SOV or subject-object-predicate sentence pattern (e.g. in Japanese or Korean grammar)

主车群 (w)

(zhǔchēqún) peloton (main group of riders in a bicycle race)

主轴 (w)

(zhǔzhóu) axis; principal axis (in mechanics, optics, botany etc); main axle (of engine)

主轴承 (w)

(zhǔzhóuchéng) main bearing

主办 (w)

(zhǔbàn) to organize; to host (a conference or sports event)

主办国 (w)

(zhǔbànguó) host country

主办权 (w)

(zhǔbànquán) the right to host (an international meeting)

主队 (w)

(zhǔduì) host team (at sports event); host side

主音 (w)

(zhǔyīn) keynote; principal tone; tonic; vowel

主页 (w)

(zhǔyè) home page

主题 (w)

(zhǔtí) theme; subject

主顾 (w)

(zhǔgù) client; customer

主显节 (w)

(zhǔxiǎnjié) Epiphany

主食 (w)

(zhǔshí) main food; staple (rice and noodles)

主体 (w)

(zhǔtǐ) main part; subject; agent