(luàn) in confusion or disorder; in a confused state of mind; disorder; upheaval; riot; illicit sexual relations; to throw into disorder; to mix up; indiscriminate; random; arbitrary

乱七八糟 (w)

(luànqībāzāo) everything in disorder (idiom); in a hideous mess; at sixes and sevens

乱世 (w)

(luànshì) the world in chaos; troubled times; (in Buddhism) the mortal world

乱世佳人 (w)

(luànshìjiārén) Gone with the Wind (film)

乱作决定 (w)

(luànzuòjuédìng) to make arbitrary decisions

乱伦 (w)

(luànlún) incest; immorality; depravity; fornication

乱动 (w)

(luàndòng) to fiddle with; to tamper with; to meddle with; to move randomly; to flail about

乱叫 (w)

(luànjiào) to inconsiderately shout

乱吃 (w)

(luànchī) to eat indiscriminately

乱咕攘 (w)

(luàngūrang) to disturb (topolect)

乱写 (w)

(luànxiě) to write without basis

乱弹琴 (w)

(luàntánqín) to talk nonsense; to behave like a fool

乱扔 (w)

(luànrēng) to litter; to throw away

乱抓 (w)

(luànzhuā) to claw wildly; to scratch frantically; to arrest people indiscriminately

乱掉 (w)

(luàndiào) to throw away; to discard

乱搞 (w)

(luàngǎo) to make a mess; to mess with; to be wild; to sleep around; to jump into bed

乱搞男女关系 (w)

(luàngǎonánnǚguānxì) to be promiscuous; to sleep around

乱政 (w)

(luànzhèng) to corrupt politics

乱民 (w)

(luànmín) rebels

乱石 (w)

(luànshí) rocks; stones; rubble; riprap

乱石砸死 (w)

(luànshízásǐ) to stone to death

乱码 (w)

(luànmǎ) mojibake (nonsense characters displayed when software fails to render text according to its intended character encoding)

乱穿马路 (w)

(luànchuānmǎlù) to jaywalk

乱窜 (w)

(luàncuàn) to flee in disarray; to scatter

乱糟糟 (w)

(luànzāozāo) chaotic; topsy turvy; a complete mess

乱纪 (w)

(luànjì) to break the rules; to break discipline

乱花 (w)

(luànhuā) to spend recklessly; to waste money

乱花钱 (w)

(luànhuāqián) to spend money recklessly; to squander

乱蓬蓬 (w)

(luànpēngpēng) disheveled; tangled

乱说 (w)

(luànshuō) to make irresponsible remarks

乱象 (w)

(luànxiàng) chaos; madness

乱跑 (w)

(luànpǎo) to run wildly all over the place

乱跳 (w)

(luàntiào) bounce

乱麻 (w)

(luànmá) lit. tangled skein; in a tremendous muddle; confused

乱党 (w)

(luàndǎng) the rebel party