(zhēng) to strive for; to vie for; to argue or debate; deficient or lacking (topolect); how or what (literary)

争先 (w)

(zhēngxiān) to compete to be first; to contest first place

争先恐后 (w)

(zhēngxiānkǒnghòu) striving to be first and fearing to be last (idiom); outdoing one another

争光 (w)

(zhēngguāng) to win an honor; to strive to win a prize

争分夺秒 (w)

(zhēngfēnduómiǎo) lit. fight minutes, snatch seconds (idiom); a race against time; making every second count

争取 (w)

(zhēngqǔ) to fight for; to strive for; to win over

争名夺利 (w)

(zhēngmíngduólì) to fight for fame, grab profit (idiom); scrambling for fame and wealth; only interested in personal gain

争吵 (w)

(zhēngchǎo) dispute; strife

争执 (w)

(zhēngzhí) to dispute; to disagree; to argue opinionatedly; to wrangle

争夺 (w)

(zhēngduó) to fight over; to contest; to vie over

争夺战 (w)

(zhēngduózhàn) struggle

争妍斗艳 (w)

(zhēngyándòuyàn) contending for supreme beauty (esp. of flowers, scenery, painting etc); vying in beauty and glamor

争宠 (w)

(zhēngchǒng) to strive for favor

争得 (w)

(zhēngdé) to obtain by an effort; to strive to get sth

争战 (w)

(zhēngzhàn) fight

争持 (w)

(zhēngchí) to refuse to concede; not to give in

争权夺利 (w)

(zhēngquánduólì) scramble for power and profit (idiom); power struggle

争气 (w)

(zhēngqì) to work hard for sth; to resolve on improvement; determined not to fall short

争球线 (w)

(zhēngqiúxiàn) scrimmage line (American football)

争相 (w)

(zhēngxiāng) to fall over each other in their eagerness to...

争端 (w)

(zhēngduān) dispute; controversy; conflict

争臣 (w)

(zhēngchén) minister not afraid to give forthright criticism

争衡 (w)

(zhēnghéng) to struggle for mastery; to strive for supremacy

争讼 (w)

(zhēngsòng) dispute involving litigation; legal dispute

争论 (w)

(zhēnglùn) to argue; to debate; to contend; argument; contention; controversy; debate; CL:次[ci4],場|场[chang3]

争论点 (w)

(zhēnglùndiǎn) contention

争议 (w)

(zhēngyì) controversy; dispute; to dispute

争议性 (w)

(zhēngyìxìng) controversial

争购 (w)

(zhēnggòu) to compete; to fight for; to rush to purchase

争辩 (w)

(zhēngbiàn) a dispute; to wrangle

争锋 (w)

(zhēngfēng) to strive

争长论短 (w)

(zhēngchánglùnduǎn) lit. to argue who is right and wrong (idiom); to quibble; a storm in a teacup

争雄 (w)

(zhēngxióng) to contend for supremacy

争霸 (w)

(zhēngbà) to contend for hegemony; a power struggle

争面子 (w)

(zhēngmiànzi) to fight for a good reputation

争风吃醋 (w)

(zhēngfēngchīcù) to rival sb for the affection of a man or woman; to be jealous of a rival in a love affair

争斗 (w)

(zhēngdòu) struggle; war

争鸣 (w)

(zhēngmíng) to contend