(kuī) deficiency; deficit; luckily

亏待 (w)

(kuīdài) to treat sb unfairly

亏得 (w)

(kuīde) fortunately; luckily; (sarcastic) fancy that, how fortunate!

亏心 (w)

(kuīxīn) a guilty conscience

亏心事 (w)

(kuīxīnshì) shameful deed

亏折 (w)

(kuīzhé) to make a capital loss

亏损 (w)

(kuīsǔn) deficit; (financial) loss

亏本 (w)

(kuīběn) to make a loss

亏本出售 (w)

(kuīběnchūshòu) to sell at a loss

亏格 (w)

(kuīgé) (math.) genus

亏欠 (w)

(kuīqiàn) to fall short of; to have a deficit; deficit; deficiency

亏产 (w)

(kuīchǎn) a shortfall in production

亏空 (w)

(kuīkōng) in debt; in the red; in deficit

亏缺 (w)

(kuīquē) to be lacking; to fall short of; to wane; deficit; deficient

亏负 (w)

(kuīfù) deficient; to let sb down; to cause sb suffering