(wáng) to die; to lose; to be gone; to flee; deceased

亡佚 (w)

(wángyì) nonextant; lost to the ages

亡兵纪念日 (w)

(wángbīngjìniànrì) Memorial Day (American holiday)

亡命 (w)

(wángmìng) to flee; to go into exile (from prison)

亡命之徒 (w)

(wángmìngzhītú) runaway (idiom); desperate criminal; fugitive

亡国 (w)

(wángguó) country (of bygone years) that has vanished; a kingdom destroyed (by war); a state heading for destruction

亡国灭种 (w)

(wángguómièzhǒng) country destroyed, its people annihilated (idiom); total destruction

亡国虏 (w)

(wángguólǔ) refugee from a destroyed country

亡母 (w)

(wángmǔ) deceased mother

亡羊补牢 (w)

(wángyángbǔláo) lit. to mend the pen after sheep are lost (idiom); fig. to act belatedly; better late than never; to lock the stable door after the horse has bolted

亡者 (w)

(wángzhě) the deceased

亡灵 (w)

(wánglíng) departed spirit