(rén) man; person; people; CL:個|个[ge4],位[wei4]

人丁 (w)

(réndīng) number of people in a family; population; (old) adult males; male servants

人不可貌相 (w)

(rénbùkěmàoxiàng) you can't judge a person by appearance (idiom); you can't judge a book by its cover; often in combination 人不可貌相,海水不可斗量[ren2 bu4 ke3 mao4 xiang4 , hai3 shui3 bu4 ke3 dou3 liang4]

人不可貌相,海水不可斗量 (w)

(rénbùkěmàoxiànghǎishuǐbùkědǒuliàng) You can't judge a person by appearance, just as you can't measure the sea with a pint pot. (idiom)

人不为己,天诛地灭 (w)

(rénbùwèijǐtiānzhūdìmiè) Look out for yourself, or heaven and earth will combine to destroy you.; Every man for himself, and the Devil take the hindmost.

人不知鬼不觉 (w)

(rénbùzhīguǐbùjué) in absolute secrecy

人世 (w)

(rénshì) human world

人世间 (w)

(rénshìjiān) the secular world

人中 (w)

(rénzhōng) philtrum; infranasal depression; the "human center" acupuncture point

人之初 (w)

(rénzhīchū) man at birth (is fundamentally good in nature); the first line of Three character classic 三字經|三字经[San1 zi4 jing1]

人之初,性本善 (w)

(rénzhīchūxìngběnshàn) man at birth is fundamentally good in nature; the first two lines of Three character classic 三字經|三字经[San1 zi4 jing1]

人之常情 (w)

(rénzhīchángqíng) such is human nature (idiom); only natural

人事 (w)

(rénshì) human affairs; ways of the world; consciousness of the world; what is humanly possible; personnel matters; sexual awareness; sexual passion; facts of life

人事管理 (w)

(rénshìguǎnlǐ) personal management

人事部门 (w)

(rénshìbùmén) personnel office

人云亦云 (w)

(rényúnyìyún) to say what everyone says (idiom); a yes-man

人五人六 (w)

(rénwǔrénliù) to make a show of being decent and proper; to display phony or hypocritical behavior

人人 (w)

(rénrén) everyone; every person

人人有责 (w)

(rénrényǒuzé) it is everyone's duty

人位相宜 (w)

(rénwèixiāngyí) to be the right person for the job (idiom)

人保 (w)

(rénbǎo) personal guarantee; to sign as guarantor

人们 (w)

(rénmen) people

人偶戏 (w)

(rénǒuxì) puppet show

人杰 (w)

(rénjié) outstanding talent; wise and able person; illustrious individual

人杰地灵 (w)

(rénjiédìlíng) illustrious hero, spirit of the place (idiom); a place derives reflected glory from an illustrious son

人传人 (w)

(rénchuánrén) transmitted person-to-person

人儿 (w)

(rénr) figurine

人力 (w)

(rénlì) manpower; labor power

人力资源 (w)

(rénlìzīyuán) human resources

人力车 (w)

(rénlìchē) rickshaw

人力车夫 (w)

(rénlìchēfū) rickshaw puller

人去楼空 (w)

(rénqùlóukōng) people are gone, the tower is empty; cf Yellow Crane Tower 黄鹤楼, Tang poem by Cui Hao 崔顥|崔颢, with theme the past will never return; nostalgia for old friends

人参 (w)

(rénshēn) ginseng

人丛 (w)

(réncóng) crowd of people

人口 (w)

(rénkǒu) population

人口学 (w)

(rénkǒuxué) demography

人口密度 (w)

(rénkǒumìdù) population density

人口数 (w)

(rénkǒushù) population

人口普查 (w)

(rénkǒupǔchá) census

人口稠密 (w)

(rénkǒuchóumì) populous

人口统计学 (w)

(rénkǒutǒngjìxué) population studies; population statistics

人口调查 (w)

(rénkǒudiàochá) census

人口贩运 (w)

(rénkǒufànyùn) trafficking in persons; human trafficking

人各有所好 (w)

(réngèyǒusuǒhào) everyone has their likes and dislikes; there is no accounting for taste; chacun son goût

人名 (w)

(rénmíng) personal name

人命 (w)

(rénmìng) human life; CL:條|条[tiao2]

人命关天 (w)

(rénmìngguāntiān) human life is beyond value (idiom)

人品 (w)

(rénpǐn) moral standing; moral quality; character; personality; appearance; looks (colloquial); bearing

人员 (w)

(rényuán) staff; crew; personnel; CL:個|个[ge4]

人困马乏 (w)

(rénkùnmǎfá) riders tired and horses weary; worn out; exhausted; spent; fatigued

人在江湖,身不由己 (w)

(rénzàijiānghúshēnbùyóujǐ) you can't always do as you like; one has to compromise in this world (idiom)

人均 (w)

(rénjūn) per capita

人士 (w)

(rénshì) person; figure; public figure

人寿保险 (w)

(rénshòubǎoxiǎn) life insurance

人寿年丰 (w)

(rénshòuniánfēng) long-lived people, rich harvests (idiom); stable and affluent society; prosperity

人多势众 (w)

(rénduōshìzhòng) many men, a great force (idiom); many hands provide great strength; There is safety in numbers.

人大 (w)

(réndà) (Chinese) National People's Congress; abbr. for 全國人民代表大會|全国人民代表大会[Quan2 guo2 Ren2 min2 Dai4 biao3 Da4 hui4]

人妖 (w)

(rényāo) freak; demon; transvestite; transsexual; ladyboy; written r.y. in current slang

人子 (w)

(rénzǐ) son of man

人字拖 (w)

(rénzìtuō) flip flops; abbr. for 人字拖鞋

人字拖鞋 (w)

(rénzìtuōxié) flip flops; flip-flop sandals; thongs; see also 人字拖

人定 (w)

(réndìng) middle of the night; the dead of night

人定胜天 (w)

(réndìngshèngtiān) man can conquer nature (idiom); human wisdom can prevail over nature

人家 (w)

(rénjiā) household; dwelling; family; sb else's house; household business; house of woman's husband-to-be; CL:戶|户[hu4],家[jia1]

人家 (w)

(rénjia) other people; sb else; he, she or they; I, me (referring to oneself as "one" or "people")

人寰 (w)

(rénhuán) world; earthly world

人尖儿 (w)

(rénjiānr) outstanding individual; person of great ability

人居 (w)

(rénjū) human habitat

人山人海 (w)

(rénshānrénhǎi) multitude; vast crowd

人工 (w)

(réngōng) artificial; manpower; manual work

人工受孕 (w)

(réngōngshòuyùn) artificial insemination

人工呼吸 (w)

(réngōnghūxī) artificial respiration (medicine)

人工岛 (w)

(réngōngdǎo) artificial island

人工授精 (w)

(réngōngshòujīng) artificial insemination

人工智慧 (w)

(réngōngzhìhuì) artificial intelligence

人工智能 (w)

(réngōngzhìnéng) artificial intelligence (AI)

人工概念 (w)

(réngōnggàiniàn) artificial concept

人工河 (w)

(réngōnghé) canal; man-made waterway

人工流产 (w)

(réngōngliúchǎn) abortion

人工照亮 (w)

(réngōngzhàoliàng) artificial lighting

人形 (w)

(rénxíng) human shape; in human form; of human appearance; doll; puppet

人从 (w)

(réncóng) retinue; hangers-on

人心 (w)

(rénxīn) popular feeling; the will of the people

人心不足蛇吞象 (w)

(rénxīnbùzúshétūnxiàng) a man who is never content is like a snake trying to swallow an elephant (idiom)

人心果 (w)

(rénxīnguǒ) sapodilla, a tropical fruit bearing tree

人心难测 (w)

(rénxīnnáncè) hard to fathom a person's mind (idiom)

人怕出名猪怕肥 (w)

(rénpàchūmíngzhūpàféi) lit. people fear getting famous like pigs fear fattening up (for the slaughter); fig. fame has its price

人怕出名,猪怕壮 (w)

(rénpàchūmíngzhūpàzhuàng) Man should fear fame as pigs fear fattening (idiom).

人性 (w)

(rénxìng) human nature; humanity; human; the totality of human attributes

人情 (w)

(rénqíng) reason; human emotions; human interaction; social relationship; friendship; favor; a good turn

人情世故 (w)

(rénqíngshìgù) worldly wisdom; the ways of the world; to know how to get on in the world

人情味儿 (w)

(rénqíngwèir) real human interest

人手 (w)

(rénshǒu) manpower; staff; human hand

人手动 (w)

(rénshǒudòng) manually controlled

人才 (w)

(réncái) a person's talent; talented person; distinguished person; a talent (worth head-hunting); person's looks; an attractive woman; used interchangeably with 人材; CL:個|个[ge4]

人才外流 (w)

(réncáiwàiliú) brain drain

人才流失 (w)

(réncáiliúshī) brain drain; outflow of talent

人才济济 (w)

(réncáijǐjǐ) talented people are extremely useful (idiom)

人数 (w)

(rénshù) number of people

人文 (w)

(rénwén) humanities; human affairs; culture

人文主义 (w)

(rénwénzhǔyì) humanism

人文地理学 (w)

(rénwéndìlǐxué) human geography

人文学 (w)

(rénwénxué) humanities

人文景观 (w)

(rénwénjǐngguān) place of cultural interest

人文社会学科 (w)

(rénwénshèhuìxuékē) humanities and social sciences

人文社科 (w)

(rénwénshèkē) (abbr.) humanities and social sciences

人材 (w)

(réncái) a person's talent; talented person; distinguished person; a talent (worth head-hunting); person's looks; an attractive woman; used interchangeably with 人才

人格 (w)

(réngé) personality; integrity; dignity

人格化 (w)

(réngéhuà) to personalize; anthropomorphism

人格神 (w)

(réngéshén) personal God; anthropomorphic God

人格魅力 (w)

(réngémèilì) personal charm; charisma

人模狗样 (w)

(rénmógǒuyàng) (idiom) to pose; to put on airs

人机界面 (w)

(rénjījièmiàn) user interface

人权 (w)

(rénquán) human rights

人权法 (w)

(rénquánfǎ) Human Rights law (Hong Kong)

人权观察 (w)

(rénquánguānchá) Human Rights Watch (HRW), New York based non-governmental organization

人权斗士 (w)

(rénquándòushì) a human rights activist; a fighter for human rights

人次 (w)

(réncì) person-times; visits; classifier for number of people participating

人武 (w)

(rénwǔ) armed forces

人死 (w)

(rénsǐ) a person's death

人氏 (w)

(rénshì) native; person from a particular place

人民 (w)

(rénmín) the people; CL:個|个[ge4]

人民代表 (w)

(rénmíndàibiǎo) deputy to People's Congress

人民内部矛盾 (w)

(rénmínnèibùmáodùn) internal contradiction among the people (pretext for a purge)

人民公敌 (w)

(rénmíngōngdí) the enemy of the people; the class enemy (Marxism)

人民公社 (w)

(rénmíngōngshè) people's commune

人民公社化 (w)

(rénmíngōngshèhuà) collectivization of agriculture (disastrous policy of communist Russia around 1930 and China in the 1950s)

人民共和国 (w)

(rénmíngònghéguó) People's Republic

人民利益 (w)

(rénmínlìyì) interests of the people

人民基本权利 (w)

(rénmínjīběnquánlì) fundamental civil rights

人民大会堂 (w)

(rénmíndàhuìtáng) Great Hall of the People, at Tiananmen Square

人民币 (w)

(rénmínbì) Renminbi (RMB); Chinese Yuan (CNY)

人民币元 (w)

(rénmínbìyuán) Renminbi Yuan (RMB), PRC currency unit

人民广场 (w)

(rénmínguǎngchǎng) People's Square

人民政府 (w)

(rénmínzhèngfǔ) people's government

人民日报 (w)

(rénmínrìbào) Renmin Ribao (People's Daily)

人民民主专政 (w)

(rénmínmínzhǔzhuānzhèng) people's democratic dictatorship

人民法院 (w)

(rénmínfǎyuàn) people's court (of law); people's tribunal

人民网 (w)

(rénmínwǎng) online version of the People's Daily 人民日报

人民联盟党 (w)

(rénmínliánméngdǎng) People's alliance party; Bengali Awami league

人民英雄纪念碑 (w)

(rénmínyīngxióngjìniànbēi) Monument to the People's Heroes, at Tian'anmen Square

人民行动党 (w)

(rénmínxíngdòngdǎng) People's Action Party (ruling party in Singapore)

人民解放军 (w)

(rénmínjiěfàngjūn) People's Liberation Army

人民警察 (w)

(rénmínjǐngchá) civil police; PRC police

人民起义 (w)

(rénmínqǐyì) popular uprising

人民银行 (w)

(rénmínyínháng) the People's bank of China

人民阵线 (w)

(rénmínzhènxiàn) popular front

人民党 (w)

(rénmíndǎng) People's party (of various countries)

人气 (w)

(rénqì) popularity; personality; character

人治 (w)

(rénzhì) rule of man

人流 (w)

(rénliú) a stream of people; an abortion; abbr. of 人工流產手術|人工流产手术

人流手术 (w)

(rénliúshǒushù) an abortion; abbr. of 人工流產手術|人工流产手术

人浮于事 (w)

(rénfúyúshì) more hands than needed (idiom); too many cooks spoil the broth

人海 (w)

(rénhǎi) a multitude; a sea of people

人潮 (w)

(réncháo) a tide of people

人为 (w)

(rénwéi) artificial; man-made; having human cause or origin; human attempt or effort

人无完人 (w)

(rénwúwánrén) nobody is perfect; everyone has their defect

人无远虑,必有近忧 (w)

(rénwúyuǎnlǜbìyǒujìnyōu) He who gives no thought to far-flung problems soon finds suffering nearby (idiom, from Analects).; Smug concentration on the here and now will lead to future sorrow.

人烟 (w)

(rényān) sign of human habitation

人烟稀少 (w)

(rényānxīshǎo) no sign of human habitation (idiom); desolate

人物 (w)

(rénwù) person; character (in a play, novel etc); protagonist; CL:個|个[ge4]

人物描写 (w)

(rénwùmiáoxiě) portrayal

人犯 (w)

(rénfàn) criminal; culprit; suspect (old)

人猿 (w)

(rényuán) orangutan

人生 (w)

(rénshēng) human life

人生一世,草木一春 (w)

(rénshēngyīshìcǎomùyīchūn) Man has but one life, grass but one spring (idiom). fig. the brevity of human existence

人生如梦 (w)

(rénshēngrúmèng) life is but a dream (idiom)

人生如朝露 (w)

(rénshēngrúzhāolù) human life as the morning dew (idiom); fig. ephemeral and precarious nature of human existence

人生朝露 (w)

(rénshēngzhāolù) human life as the morning dew (idiom); fig. ephemeral and precarious nature of human existence

人生盛衰 (w)

(rénshēngshèngshuāi) life has its ups and downs (idiom)

人生短暂,学术无涯 (w)

(rénshēngduǎnzànxuéshùwúyá) Life is short, learning is limitless; Ars longa, vita brevis

人生路不熟 (w)

(rénshēnglùbùshú) everything is unfamiliar

人畜共患症 (w)

(rénchùgònghuànzhèng) zoonosis

人尽其才 (w)

(rénjìnqícái) employ one's talent to the fullest; everyone gives of their best

人尽其材 (w)

(rénjìnqícái) employ one's talent to the fullest; everyone gives of their best; also written 人盡其才|人尽其才

人祸 (w)

(rénhuò) human disaster

人种 (w)

(rénzhǒng) race (of people)

人种差别 (w)

(rénzhǒngchābié) racial differences; racial discrimination

人称 (w)

(rénchēng) person (first person, second person etc in grammar); called; known as

人称代词 (w)

(rénchēngdàicí) personal pronoun

人穷志短 (w)

(rénqióngzhìduǎn) poor and with low expectations; poverty stunts ambition

人算不如天算 (w)

(rénsuànbùrútiānsuàn) God's plans supercede our own; Man proposes but God disposes

人精 (w)

(rénjīng) sophisticate; man with extensive experience; child prodigy; Wunderkind (i.e. brilliant child); spirit within a person (i.e. blood and essential breath 血氣|血气 of traditional Chinese medicine)

人给家足 (w)

(rénjǐjiāzú) lit. each household provided for, enough for the individual (idiom); comfortably off

人缘 (w)

(rényuán) relations with people; popularity

人缘儿 (w)

(rényuánr) erhua variant of 人緣|人缘, relations with people; popularity

人群 (w)

(rénqún) crowd

人声鼎沸 (w)

(rénshēngdǐngfèi) lit. a boiling cauldron of voices (idiom); hubbub; brouhaha

人肉搜索 (w)

(rénròusōusuǒ) human flesh search; a large-scale collective effort to find details about a person or event (Internet slang); see 人肉搜索引擎

人肉搜索引擎 (w)

(rénròusōusuǒyǐnqíng) human flesh search engine; a large-scale collective effort to find details about a person or event (Internet slang)

人脉 (w)

(rénmài) contacts; connections; network

人臣 (w)

(rénchén) an official (in former times)

人蛇 (w)

(rénshé) illegal immigrant

人蛇集团 (w)

(rénshéjítuán) human smuggling syndicate; snakehead gang

人行区 (w)

(rénxíngqū) pedestrian precinct

人行地下通道 (w)

(rénxíngdìxiàtōngdào) pedestrian underpass

人行横道 (w)

(rénxínghéngdào) pedestrian crossing

人行横道线 (w)

(rénxínghéngdàoxiàn) crosswalk; pedestrian crossing with zebra stripes

人行道 (w)

(rénxíngdào) sidewalk

人见人爱 (w)

(rénjiànrénài) loved by all; to have universal appeal

人说纷纭 (w)

(rénshuōfēnyún) to be at loggerheads with sb (idiom)

人谁无过 (w)

(rénshéiwúguò) Everyone makes mistakes (idiom)

人证 (w)

(rénzhèng) witness testimony

人证物证 (w)

(rénzhèngwùzhèng) human testimony and material evidence

人财两空 (w)

(réncáiliǎngkōng) loss of life and property; to lose the beauty and her possessions

人质 (w)

(rénzhì) hostage

人迹罕至 (w)

(rénjìhǎnzhì) lit. men's footprints are rare (idiom); fig. off the beaten track; lonely; deserted

人身 (w)

(rénshēn) person; personal; human body

人身事故 (w)

(rénshēnshìgù) accident causing injury or death

人身安全 (w)

(rénshēnānquán) personal safety

人身攻击 (w)

(rénshēngōngjī) personal attack

人身权 (w)

(rénshēnquán) one's personal rights

人车混行 (w)

(rénchēhúnxíng) pedestrian-vehicle mixed use

人造 (w)

(rénzào) man-made; artificial; synthetic

人造天体 (w)

(rénzàotiāntǐ) artificial satellite

人造丝 (w)

(rénzàosī) rayon

人造纤维 (w)

(rénzàoxiānwéi) synthetic fiber

人造卫星 (w)

(rénzàowèixīng) artificial satellite

人造语言 (w)

(rénzàoyǔyán) artificial language; constructed language

人道 (w)

(réndào) human sympathy; humanitarianism; humane; the "human way", one of the stages in the cycle of reincarnation (Buddhism); sexual intercourse

人道主义 (w)

(réndàozhǔyì) humanism; humanitarian (aid)

人道救援 (w)

(réndàojiùyuán) humanitarian aid

人选 (w)

(rénxuǎn) person selected (for a job etc)

人间 (w)

(rénjiān) the human world; the earth

人间佛教 (w)

(rénjiānfójiào) Humanistic Buddhism

人间喜剧 (w)

(rénjiānxǐjù) La comédie humaine, series of novels by 19th century French novelist Honoré de Balzac 巴爾扎克|巴尔扎克[Ba1 er3 zha1 ke4]

人间地狱 (w)

(rénjiāndìyù) hell on earth (idiom); suffering the torments of Buddhist hell while still alive; fig. having an uncomfortable time

人间天堂 (w)

(rénjiāntiāntáng) heaven on Earth; nickname for the city Suzhou

人际 (w)

(rénjì) human relationships; interpersonal

人际关系 (w)

(rénjìguānxì) interpersonal relationship

人非生而知之者,熟能无惑 (w)

(rénfēishēngérzhīzhīzhěshúnéngwúhuò) Knowledge is not innate to man, how can we overcome doubt?; We are not born with knowledge, how does one achieve maturity? (i.e. without guidance from a teacher - Tang dynasty essayist Han Yu 韓愈|韩愈)

人面兽心 (w)

(rénmiànshòuxīn) human face, beast's heart (idiom); two-faced; malicious and duplicitous

人头 (w)

(réntóu) number of people; (per) capita

人头狮身 (w)

(réntóushīshēn) sphinx

人头税 (w)

(réntóushuì) poll tax

人头蛇身 (w)

(réntóushéshēn) human head, snake's body; cf Nüwa 女娲氏 and Fuxi 伏羲氏 in some versions of mythology

人头马 (w)

(réntóumǎ) Rémy Martin cognac

人类 (w)

(rénlèi) humanity; human race; mankind

人类乳突病毒 (w)

(rénlèirǔtūbìngdú) human papillomavirus (HPV)

人类免疫缺陷病毒 (w)

(rénlèimiǎnyìquēxiànbìngdú) human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)

人类基因组计划 (w)

(rénlèijīyīnzǔjìhuà) Human Genome Project

人类学 (w)

(rénlèixué) anthropology

人类学家 (w)

(rénlèixuéjiā) anthropologist

人类社会 (w)

(rénlèishèhuì) human society

人类起源 (w)

(rénlèiqǐyuán) origin of mankind

人马 (w)

(rénmǎ) Sagittarius (star sign); men and horses (e.g. on parade); centaur

人马座 (w)

(rénmǎzuò) Sagittarius (constellation and sign of the zodiac)

人马臂 (w)

(rénmǎbì) Sagittarius spiral arm (of our galaxy)

人体 (w)

(réntǐ) human body

人体器官 (w)

(réntǐqìguān) human organ

人体解剖 (w)

(réntǐjiěpōu) human anatomy

人体解剖学 (w)

(réntǐjiěpōuxué) human anatomy

人高马大 (w)

(réngāomǎdà) tall and strong

人鱼 (w)

(rényú) merperson; merman; mermaid; see 美人魚|美人鱼[mei3 ren2 yu2]

人鱼小姐 (w)

(rényúxiǎojie) mermaid; the Little Mermaid

人龙 (w)

(rénlóng) a queue of people; a crocodile (of school children)