(zhàng) weaponry; to hold (a weapon); to wield; to rely on; to depend on; war; battle

仗势 (w)

(zhàngshì) to rely on power

仗势欺人 (w)

(zhàngshìqīrén) relying on force to bully others (idiom)

仗恃 (w)

(zhàngshì) to rely on; to depend on

仗火 (w)

(zhànghuǒ) battle

仗义 (w)

(zhàngyì) from a sense of justice; for the sake of loyalty

仗义执言 (w)

(zhàngyìzhíyán) to speak out for justice (idiom); to take a stand on a matter of principle

仗义疏财 (w)

(zhàngyìshūcái) to help the needy for justice (idiom); to be loyal to one's friends and generous to the needy

仗腰 (w)

(zhàngyāo) to back sb up; to support (from the rear)