(dài) to substitute; to act on behalf of others; to replace; generation; dynasty; age; period; (historical) era; (geological) eon

代之以 (w)

(dàizhīyǐ) (has been) replaced with; (its) place has been taken by

代代 (w)

(dàidài) from generation to generation; generation after generation

代代相传 (w)

(dàidàixiāngchuán) passed on from generation to generation (idiom); to hand down

代价 (w)

(dàijià) price; cost; consideration (in share dealing)

代偿 (w)

(dàicháng) (medical) compensation; to repay a debt or obligation in place of someone else

代入 (w)

(dàirù) to substitute into

代利斯 (w)

(dàilìsī) Dallys, Algerian seaport and naval base

代劳 (w)

(dàiláo) to do sth in place of sb else

代名词 (w)

(dàimíngcí) pronoun

代填 (w)

(dàitián) to fill in a form for sb else

代孕 (w)

(dàiyùn) surrogate pregnancy

代宗 (w)

(dàizōng) Daizong, Temple name of seventh Ming emperor Jingtai 景泰[Jing3 tai4]

代客泊车 (w)

(dàikèbóchē) valet parking

代写 (w)

(dàixiě) to write as substitute for sb; a ghost writer; plagiarism

代工 (w)

(dàigōng) subcontract work; OEM (original equipment manufacturer) supplier

代币 (w)

(dàibì) token (used instead of money for slot machines, in game arcades etc)

代扣 (w)

(dàikòu) to withhold tax (from employee's salary)

代拿买特 (w)

(dàinámǎitè) dynamite (loanword)

代收货款 (w)

(dàishōuhuòkuǎn) collect on delivery (COD)

代数 (w)

(dàishù) algebra

代数函数 (w)

(dàishùhánshù) (math.) an algebraic function

代数函数论 (w)

(dàishùhánshùlùn) algebraic function theory (math.)

代数和 (w)

(dàishùhé) algebraic sum

代数基本定理 (w)

(dàishùjīběndìnglǐ) fundamental theorem of algebra

代数学 (w)

(dàishùxué) algebra (as branch of math.)

代数学基本定理 (w)

(dàishùxuéjīběndìnglǐ) fundamental theorem of algebra (every polynomial has a complex root)

代数几何 (w)

(dàishùjǐhé) algebraic geometry

代数几何学 (w)

(dàishùjǐhéxué) algebraic geometry

代数式 (w)

(dàishùshì) algebraic formula

代数拓扑 (w)

(dàishùtuòpū) algebraic topology (math.)

代数数域 (w)

(dàishùshùyù) algebraic number field (math.)

代数方程 (w)

(dàishùfāngchéng) algebraic equation; polynomial equation

代数曲线 (w)

(dàishùqūxiàn) algebraic curve

代数曲面 (w)

(dàishùqūmiàn) algebraic surface

代数流行 (w)

(dàishùliúxíng) (math.) manifold

代数簇 (w)

(dàishùcù) algebraic variety (math.)

代数结构 (w)

(dàishùjiégòu) algebraic structure

代数群 (w)

(dàishùqún) algebraic group (math.)

代数量 (w)

(dàishùliàng) algebraic quantity

代书 (w)

(dàishū) to write for sb else; a lawyer who writes legal documents for his clients

代替 (w)

(dàitì) instead; to replace; to substitute (X for Y, or a number in an algebraic expression)

代替父母 (w)

(dàitìfùmǔ) in place of sb's parents; in loco parentis (law)

代替者 (w)

(dàitìzhě) substitute

代步 (w)

(dàibù) means of transportation; to take transportation; to ride instead of walk

代沟 (w)

(dàigōu) generation gap

代尔夫特 (w)

(dàiěrfūtè) Delft, Zuid-Holland, the Netherlands

代理 (w)

(dàilǐ) to act on behalf of sb in a responsible position; to act as an agent or proxy; surrogate

代理人 (w)

(dàilǐrén) agent

代理商 (w)

(dàilǐshāng) agent

代码 (w)

(dàimǎ) code

代码段 (w)

(dàimǎduàn) code segment

代码页 (w)

(dàimǎyè) code page

代祷 (w)

(dàidǎo) to pray on behalf of sb

代管 (w)

(dàiguǎn) to administer; to manage; to hold in trust or escrow

代糖 (w)

(dàitáng) sugar substitute

代县 (w)

(dàixiàn) Dai county in Xinzhou 忻州[Xin1 zhou1], Shanxi

代罪 (w)

(dàizuì) to redeem oneself; to make up for one's misdeeds

代罪羔羊 (w)

(dàizuìgāoyáng) scapegoat

代考 (w)

(dàikǎo) to take a test or exam for sb

代号 (w)

(dàihào) code name

代表 (w)

(dàibiǎo) representative; delegate; CL:位[wei4],個|个[ge4],名[ming2]; to represent; to stand for; on behalf of; in the name of

代表人物 (w)

(dàibiǎorénwù) representative individual (of a school of thought)

代表作 (w)

(dàibiǎozuò) representative work (of an author or artist)

代表团 (w)

(dàibiǎotuán) delegation; CL:個|个[ge4]

代表性 (w)

(dàibiǎoxìng) representative; typical

代表处 (w)

(dàibiǎochù) representative office

代表队 (w)

(dàibiǎoduì) delegation

代言 (w)

(dàiyán) to be a spokesperson; to be an ambassador (for a brand)to endorse

代言人 (w)

(dàiyánrén) spokesperson

代词 (w)

(dàicí) pronoun

代课 (w)

(dàikè) to teach as substitute for absent teacher

代谢 (w)

(dàixiè) replacement; substitution; metabolism (biol.)

代购 (w)

(dàigòu) to buy (on behalf of sb)

代办 (w)

(dàibàn) to act for sb else; to act on sb's behalf; an agent; a diplomatic representative; a chargé d'affaires

代销 (w)

(dàixiāo) to sell as agent; to sell on commission (e.g. insurance policies); proxy sale (of stocks)

代销店 (w)

(dàixiāodiàn) outlet; commission shop; agency

代顿 (w)

(dàidùn) Dayton (city in Ohio)