(líng) see 令狐[Ling2 hu2]


(líng) see 脊令[ji2 ling2]; see 令狐[Ling2 hu2]


(lǐng) classifier for a ream of paper


(lìng) to order; to command; an order; warrant; writ; to cause; to make sth happen; virtuous; honorific title; season; government position (old)

令人 (w)

(lìngrén) to cause sb (to do); to make one (feel sth); (used in constructing words for feelings such as anger, surprise, sympathy etc)

令人不快 (w)

(lìngrénbùkuài) unpleasant; objectionable

令人吃惊 (w)

(lìngrénchījīng) to shock; to amaze

令人叹 (w)

(lìngréntàn) to astonish

令人叹为观止 (w)

(lìngréntànwéiguānzhǐ) (set expression) astonishing to see

令人振奋 (w)

(lìngrénzhènfèn) inspiring; exciting; rousing

令人钦佩 (w)

(lìngrénqīnpèi) admirable

令人满意 (w)

(lìngrénmǎnyì) satisfactory

令人兴奋 (w)

(lìngrénxīngfèn) to excite

令人惊异 (w)

(lìngrénjīngyì) surprisingly

令人发指 (w)

(lìngrénfàzhǐ) to make one's hair stand up in anger (idiom); to raise people's hackles

令人鼓舞 (w)

(lìngréngǔwǔ) encouraging; heartening

令兄 (w)

(lìngxiōng) Your esteemed older brother (honorific)

令名 (w)

(lìngmíng) good name; reputation

令堂 (w)

(lìngtáng) (honorific) your mother

令尊 (w)

(lìngzūn) Your esteemed father (honorific)

令尊令堂 (w)

(lìngzūnlìngtáng) (honorific) your parents

令导人 (w)

(lìngdǎorén) leader; usually written 領導人|领导人

令弟 (w)

(lìngdì) honorable little brother

令爱 (w)

(lìngài) your precious daughter

令慈 (w)

(lìngcí) Your esteemed mother (honorific)

令正 (w)

(lìngzhèng) Your esteemed number one wife (honorific)

令牌环 (w)

(lìngpáihuán) token ring

令牌环网 (w)

(lìngpáihuánwǎng) token ring network

令状 (w)

(lìngzhuàng) writ

令狐 (w)

(línghú) old place name (in modern Linyi county 臨猗縣|临猗县, Shanxi); two-character surname Linghu

令狐德棻 (w)

(línghúdéfēn) Linghu Defen (583-666), Tang dynasty historian, compiler of History of Zhou of the Northern dynasties 周書|周书

令箭 (w)

(lìngjiàn) arrow banner of command (archaic used as symbol of military authority); fig. instructions from one's superiors

令节 (w)

(lìngjié) festive season; happy time; noble principle

令药 (w)

(lìngyào) seasonal medication

令行禁止 (w)

(lìngxíngjìnzhǐ) lit. if he orders you go, he forbids you stop (idiom); fig. to demand exact compliance with instructions; to ensure strictly obedience

令亲 (w)

(lìngqīn) Your esteemed parent (honorific)

令誉 (w)

(lìngyù) honorable reputation

令郎 (w)

(lìngláng) Your esteemed son (honorific)

令阃 (w)

(lìngkǔn) your wife (honorific)