(fú) surname Fu


(fú) to lean over; to fall (go down); to hide (in ambush); to conceal oneself; to lie low; hottest days of summer; to submit; to concede defeat; to overcome; to subdue; volt

伏侍 (w)

(fúshi) to attend to; to care for (patients etc); to look after; to wait upon; to serve; also written 服侍, see also 服事[fu2 shi4]

伏兵 (w)

(fúbīng) hidden troops; ambush

伏地 (w)

(fúdì) to lie prostrate

伏地挺身 (w)

(fúdìtǐngshēn) pushup (exercise)

伏地魔 (w)

(fúdìmó) Lord Voldemort (Harry Potter)

伏安 (w)

(fúān) volt-ampere (measure of apparent power in alternating current circuits)

伏惟 (w)

(fúwéi) to lie prostrate; to prostrate oneself (in veneration)

伏击 (w)

(fújī) ambush

伏明霞 (w)

(fúmíngxiá) Fu Mingxia (1978-), Chinese diving champion

伏案 (w)

(fúàn) lit. to be bent over one's desk (studying or writing); fig. to work slavishly

伏汛 (w)

(fúxùn) summer flood

伏法 (w)

(fúfǎ) to be executed

伏流 (w)

(fúliú) hidden stream; ground stream

伏尔加格勒 (w)

(fúěrjiāgélè) Volgograd, Russian city on the Volga River 伏爾加河|伏尔加河

伏尔加河 (w)

(fúěrjiāhé) Volga River

伏尔泰 (w)

(fúěrtài) Voltaire (1694-1778), Enlightenment philosopher

伏牛山 (w)

(fúniúshān) Funiu mountain range in southwest Henan, an eastern extension of Qinling range 秦嶺山脈|秦岭山脉[Qin2 ling3 shan1 mai4], Shaanxi

伏特 (w)

(fútè) volt

伏特加 (w)

(fútèjiā) vodka

伏特计 (w)

(fútèjì) voltmeter

伏笔 (w)

(fúbǐ) foreshadowing (literary device); foretaste of material to come (in essay or story)

伏罪 (w)

(fúzuì) to admit guilt; to plead guilty

伏罗希洛夫 (w)

(fúluóxīluòfū) Kliment Voroshilov (1881-1969), Soviet politician and military commander

伏羲 (w)

(fúxī) Fu Hsi; Fuxi, legendary Chinese emperor, trad. 2852-2738 BC, mythical creator of fishing, trapping and writing

伏羲氏 (w)

(fúxīshì) Fuxi or Fu Hsi, legendary Chinese emperor 2852-2738 BC, mythical creator of fishing, trapping, and writing

伏卧 (w)

(fúwò) lying down; to lie prostrate; prone

伏虎 (w)

(fúhǔ) to subdue a tiger; fig. to prevail over sinister forces

伏诛 (w)

(fúzhū) to be executed

伏输 (w)

(fúshū) to concede; to admit defeat; also written 服輸|服输

伏辩 (w)

(fúbiàn) to admit one's guilt; to plead guilty; also written 服辯|服辩[fu2 bian4]

伏都教 (w)

(fúdūjiào) Hoodoo (African folk magic)

伏龙凤雏 (w)

(fúlóngfèngchú) hidden genius (idiom)