(huǒ) meals (abbr. for 伙食[huo3 shi2]); variant of 夥|伙[huo3]

伙伴 (w)

(huǒbàn) partner; companion; comrade

伙同 (w)

(huǒtóng) to collude; in collusion with

伙计 (w)

(huǒji) partner; fellow; mate; waiter; servant; shop assistant

伙颐 (w)

(huǒyí) variant of 夥頤|夥颐[huo3 yi2]

伙食 (w)

(huǒshí) communal meals (in workplace or school cafeteria etc); food served at a mess hall


(huǒ) companion; partner; group; classifier for groups of people; to combine; together