(zuò) to do; to grow; to write or compose; to pretend; to regard as; to feel; writings or works

作下 (w)

(zuòxià) to do; to make (usually bad connotation)

作主 (w)

(zuòzhǔ) to decide; to make decisions; to back up sb; support

作乱 (w)

(zuòluàn) to start a rebellion; to rise in revolt

作交易 (w)

(zuòjiāoyì) to deal; to transact

作人 (w)

(zuòrén) to conduct oneself; same as 做人

作伴 (w)

(zuòbàn) to accompany; to keep sb company

作假 (w)

(zuòjiǎ) to counterfeit; to falsify; to cheat; to defraud; fraudulent; to behave affectedly

作出 (w)

(zuòchū) to put out; to come up with; to make (a choice, decision, proposal, response, comment etc); to issue (a permit, statement, explanation, apology, reassurance to the public etc); to draw (conclusion); to deliver (speech, judgment); to devise (explanation); to extract

作出让步 (w)

(zuòchūràngbù) to make a concession; to compromise

作势 (w)

(zuòshì) to adopt an attitude; to strike a posture

作古 (w)

(zuògǔ) to die; to pass away

作古人 (w)

(zuògǔrén) to die; to pass away

作合 (w)

(zuòhé) to make a match; to get married

作品 (w)

(zuòpǐn) work (of art); opus; CL:部[bu4],篇[pian1]

作哼声 (w)

(zuòhēngshēng) snort

作呕 (w)

(zuòǒu) to feel sick; to feel nauseous; to feel disgusted

作坊 (w)

(zuōfang) workshop (of artisan)

作好准备 (w)

(zuòhǎozhǔnbèi) to make adequate preparation

作奸犯科 (w)

(zuòjiānfànkē) to flout the law

作威作福 (w)

(zuòwēizuòfú) tyrannical abuse (idiom); riding roughshod over people

作孽 (w)

(zuòniè) to sin

作客 (w)

(zuòkè) to live somewhere as a visitor; to stay with sb as a guest; to sojourn

作家 (w)

(zuòjiā) author; CL:個|个[ge4],位[wei4]

作对 (w)

(zuòduì) to set oneself against; to oppose; to make a pair

作废 (w)

(zuòfèi) to become invalid; to cancel; to delete; to nullify

作弊 (w)

(zuòbì) to practice fraud; to cheat; to engage in corrupt practices

作怪 (w)

(zuòguài) to make trouble; mischief; fantastic; to go to bed with sb; to be naughty (oblique reference to taboo subject of sex)

作息 (w)

(zuòxī) work and rest

作息时间 (w)

(zuòxīshíjiān) daily schedule; daily routine

作息时间表 (w)

(zuòxīshíjiānbiǎo) daily schedule; work schedule

作恶 (w)

(zuòè) to do evil

作爱 (w)

(zuòài) to make love

作战 (w)

(zuòzhàn) combat; to fight

作战失踪 (w)

(zuòzhànshīzōng) see 作戰失蹤人員|作战失踪人员[zuo4 zhan4 shi1 zong1 ren2 yuan2]

作战失踪人员 (w)

(zuòzhànshīzōngrényuán) missing in action (MIA) (military)

作手 (w)

(zuòshǒu) writer; expert

作揖 (w)

(zuòyī) to bow with hands held in front

作数 (w)

(zuòshù) valid; counting (as valid)

作文 (w)

(zuòwén) to write an essay; composition (student essay); CL:篇[pian1]

作料 (w)

(zuóliao) condiments; seasoning

作曲 (w)

(zuòqǔ) to compose (music)

作曲家 (w)

(zuòqǔjiā) composer; songwriter

作曲者 (w)

(zuòqǔzhě) composer; song writer

作案 (w)

(zuòàn) to commit a crime

作业 (w)

(zuòyè) school assignment; homework; work; task; operation; CL:個|个[ge4]; to operate

作业环境 (w)

(zuòyèhuánjìng) operating environment

作业系统 (w)

(zuòyèxìtǒng) operating system

作乐 (w)

(zuòlè) to make merry

作死 (w)

(zuòsǐ) (also [zuo1 si3]) to invite death by recklessness; the road to ruin

作法 (w)

(zuòfǎ) course of action; method of doing sth; practice; modus operandi

作派 (w)

(zuòpài) way of doing sth; one's conduct; business; gestures in opera

作准 (w)

(zuòzhǔn) to recognize; to acknowledge (as valid)

作为 (w)

(zuòwéi) one's conduct; deed; activity; accomplishment; achievement; to act as; as (in the capacity of); qua; to view as; to look upon (sth as); to take sth to be

作物 (w)

(zuòwù) crop

作用 (w)

(zuòyòng) to act on; to affect; action; function; activity; impact; result; effect; purpose; intent; to play a role; corresponds to English -ity, -ism, -ization; CL:個|个[ge4]

作用力 (w)

(zuòyònglì) effort; active force; applied force

作用理论 (w)

(zuòyònglǐlùn) interactive theory

作画 (w)

(zuòhuà) to paint

作痛 (w)

(zuòtòng) to ache

作祟 (w)

(zuòsuì) haunted; to haunt

作秀 (w)

(zuòxiù) to show off (loanword, from English "show"); to grandstand; to perform in a stage show

作笔记 (w)

(zuòbǐjì) to take notes

作茧 (w)

(zuòjiǎn) to make a cocoon

作茧自缚 (w)

(zuòjiǎnzìfù) to spin a cocoon around oneself (idiom); enmeshed in a trap of one's own devising; hoist by his own petard

作罢 (w)

(zuòbà) to drop (subject etc)

作者 (w)

(zuòzhě) author; writer; CL:個|个[ge4]

作者不详 (w)

(zuòzhěbùxiáng) anonymous author

作者未详 (w)

(zuòzhěwèixiáng) anonymous author

作者权 (w)

(zuòzhěquán) copyright

作兴 (w)

(zuòxīng) maybe; possibly; there is reason to believe

作色 (w)

(zuòsè) to show signs of anger; to flush with annoyance

作誓 (w)

(zuòshì) to pledge

作证 (w)

(zuòzhèng) to bear witness; to testify

作证能力 (w)

(zuòzhèngnénglì) competence

作贼 (w)

(zuòzéi) to be a thief

作辍 (w)

(zuòchuò) now working, now stopping

作风 (w)

(zuòfēng) style; style of work; way

作风正派 (w)

(zuòfēngzhèngpài) to be honest and upright; to have moral integrity

作马 (w)

(zuòmǎ) trestle; carpenter's frame; calling sth a horse