(zhēn) to scout; to spy; to detect

侦察 (w)

(zhēnchá) to investigate a crime; to scout; to reconnoiter; reconnaissance; detection; a scout

侦察兵 (w)

(zhēnchábīng) a scout; spy

侦察员 (w)

(zhēncháyuán) detective; investigator; scout; spy

侦察性 (w)

(zhēncháxìng) investigatory

侦察机 (w)

(zhēnchájī) surveillance aircraft; spy plane

侦探 (w)

(zhēntàn) detective; to do detective work

侦查 (w)

(zhēnchá) to detect; to investigate

侦毒器 (w)

(zhēndúqì) detection unit

侦毒管 (w)

(zhēndúguǎn) detector tube

侦测 (w)

(zhēncè) to detect; to sense

侦测器 (w)

(zhēncèqì) detector

侦破 (w)

(zhēnpò) to investigate (as detective); to solve (crime); to uncover (a plot); to sniff out; to break in and analyze; detective work; to scout

侦缉 (w)

(zhēnjī) to track down; to investigate and arrest

侦听 (w)

(zhēntīng) to eavesdrop; to tap (telephone conversations); to intercept and investigate

侦讯 (w)

(zhēnxùn) to interrogate during investigation

侦办 (w)

(zhēnbàn) to investigate (a crime) and prosecute