(cè) the side; to incline towards; to lean; inclined; lateral; side


(zhāi) lean on one side

侧刀旁 (w)

(cèdāopáng) name of "knife" radical in Chinese characters (Kangxi radical 18), occurring in 到, 利, 别 etc; see also 刂[dao1]

侧壁 (w)

(cèbì) side wall

侧室 (w)

(cèshì) sideroom; concubine

侧目 (w)

(cèmù) to raise eyebrows; to cast sidelong glances (expressing fear or indignation); shocked; surprised

侧耳 (w)

(cèěr) to bend an ear (to); to listen

侧身 (w)

(cèshēn) to lean the body

侧躺 (w)

(cètǎng) to lie down (on one's side)

侧边栏 (w)

(cèbiānlán) a side-bar (in software)

侧重 (w)

(cèzhòng) to place particular emphasis on

侧锋 (w)

(cèfēng) oblique attack (brush movement in painting)

侧链 (w)

(cèliàn) side chain (used in classifying amino acids)

侧门 (w)

(cèmén) side door

侧面 (w)

(cèmiàn) lateral side; side; aspect; profile