(jiǎn) frugal; thrifty; needy

俭以防匮 (w)

(jiǎnyǐfángkuì) frugality in order to prevent destitution (idiom)

俭以养廉 (w)

(jiǎnyǐyǎnglián) frugality makes honesty (idiom)

俭则不缺 (w)

(jiǎnzébùquē) frugality prevents destitution (idiom)

俭学 (w)

(jiǎnxué) to deny oneself comforts in order to save money for one's education

俭朴 (w)

(jiǎnpǔ) plain and unadorned; thrifty and simple

俭用 (w)

(jiǎnyòng) to skimp; to be frugal

俭省 (w)

(jiǎnshěng) thrifty; sparing; economical

俭约 (w)

(jiǎnyuē) sparing; economical

俭素 (w)

(jiǎnsù) thrifty and plain

俭腹 (w)

(jiǎnfù) lit. empty belly; hollow; vacuous; devoid of content

俭薄 (w)

(jiǎnbó) to lack the necessities of life