(bèi) (two, three etc) -fold; times (multiplier); double; to increase or multiply

倍儿 (w)

(bèir) very; much (Beijing dialect)

倍塔 (w)

(bèitǎ) beta

倍增 (w)

(bèizēng) to double; to redouble; to increase many times over; to multiply by a factor; multiplication

倍增器 (w)

(bèizēngqì) multiplier

倍感 (w)

(bèigǎn) to feel even more; to be extremely (sad, lonely, delighted etc)

倍数 (w)

(bèishù) multiple

倍足纲 (w)

(bèizúgāng) Diplopoda (zoology)

倍足类 (w)

(bèizúlèi) Diplopoda (arthropod class with a pair of legs on each segment, including centipedes and millipedes)

倍频器 (w)

(bèipínqì) frequency multiplier