(chàng) to initiate; to instigate; to introduce; to lead

倡仪 (w)

(chàngyí) initiative; to initiate; to propose (a new course of action)

倡始 (w)

(chàngshǐ) to initiate

倡导 (w)

(chàngdǎo) to advocate; to initiate; to propose; to be a proponent of (an idea or school of thought)

倡导者 (w)

(chàngdǎozhě) proponent; advocate; pioneer

倡狂 (w)

(chāngkuáng) variant of 猖狂[chang1 kuang2]

倡言 (w)

(chàngyán) to propose; to put forward (an idea); to initiate

倡言者 (w)

(chàngyánzhě) proposer

倡议 (w)

(chàngyì) to suggest; to initiate; proposal; initiative

倡议书 (w)

(chàngyìshū) written proposal; document outlining an initiative