分子 (w)

(fènzǐ) members of a class or group; political elements (such as intellectuals or extremists); part


(fēn) to divide; to separate; to allocate; to distinguish (good and bad); part or subdivision; fraction; one tenth (of certain units); unit of length equivalent to 0.33 cm; minute; a point (in sports or games); 0.01 yuan (unit of money)


(fèn) part; share; ingredient; component

分之 (w)

(fēnzhī) (indicating a fraction)

分之一 (w)

(fēnzhīyī) (indicating fraction)

分享 (w)

(fēnxiǎng) to share (joys, benefits, privileges etc) with others; to get one's share; to divide out; to partake

分付 (w)

(fēnfù) (coll.) to order; instruct

分布 (w)

(fēnbù) distributed; to distribute

分布图 (w)

(fēnbùtú) scatter diagram; distribution chart; histogram

分布式 (w)

(fēnbùshì) distributed

分布式拒绝服务 (w)

(fēnbùshìjùjuéfúwù) distributed denial of service (DDOS) form of internet attack

分布式环境 (w)

(fēnbùshìhuánjìng) distributed environment (computing)

分布式结构 (w)

(fēnbùshìjiégòu) distributed architecture

分布式网络 (w)

(fēnbùshìwǎngluò) distributed network

分布控制 (w)

(fēnbùkòngzhì) distributed control

分光 (w)

(fēnguāng) diffraction (of light)

分克 (w)

(fēnkè) decigram

分内 (w)

(fènnèi) one's job or duty; within one's remit

分公司 (w)

(fēngōngsī) subsidiary company; branch office

分册 (w)

(fēncè) volume (one of a series); fascicule

分别 (w)

(fēnbié) to part or leave each other; to distinguish; difference; in different ways; differently; separately or individually

分割 (w)

(fēngē) to cut up; to break up

分割区 (w)

(fēngēqū) partition (computing)

分包 (w)

(fēnbāo) to subcontract

分化 (w)

(fēnhuà) to split apart; differentiation

分区 (w)

(fēnqū) allocated area (for housing, industry etc); district

分叉 (w)

(fēnchà) fork; bifurcation; to divide

分句 (w)

(fēnjù) clause (in European grammar)

分外 (w)

(fènwài) exceptionally; not one's responsibility or job

分娩 (w)

(fēnmiǎn) labor; parturition; delivery

分子 (w)

(fēnzǐ) molecule; (math) numerator of a fraction

分子化合物 (w)

(fēnzǐhuàhéwù) molecular biology

分子式 (w)

(fēnzǐshì) molecular formula

分子生物学 (w)

(fēnzǐshēngwùxué) molecular biology

分子筛 (w)

(fēnzǐshāi) molecular sieve

分子遗传学 (w)

(fēnzǐyíchuánxué) molecular genetics

分子医学 (w)

(fēnzǐyīxué) molecular medicine

分子量 (w)

(fēnzǐliàng) molecular mass

分子杂交 (w)

(fēnzǐzájiāo) molecular hybridization

分宜 (w)

(fēnyí) Fenyi country in Xinyu 新餘|新余, Jiangxi

分宜县 (w)

(fēnyíxiàn) Fenyi country in Xinyu 新餘|新余, Jiangxi

分家 (w)

(fēnjiā) to separate and live apart; division of a large family into smaller groups

分寸 (w)

(fēncùn) propriety; appropriate behavior; proper speech or action; within the norms

分封 (w)

(fēnfēng) to divide and confer (property on one's descendants)

分封制 (w)

(fēnfēngzhì) the feudal system; system of enfeoffment

分局 (w)

(fēnjú) sub-bureau

分居 (w)

(fēnjū) to separate (married couple); to live apart (of husband and wife, family members)

分层 (w)

(fēncéng) lamination; layering; stratification; delamination

分属 (w)

(fēnshǔ) classification

分岔 (w)

(fēnchà) bifurcation

分岔理论 (w)

(fēnchàlǐlùn) bifurcation theory

分崩离析 (w)

(fēnbēnglíxī) to collapse and fall apart (idiom); to break up; falling to pieces

分巡兵备道 (w)

(fēnxúnbīngbèidào) Qing Dynasty General Supervisory and Military Command

分工 (w)

(fēngōng) divide the work; division of labor

分布图 (w)

(fēnbùtú) scatter diagram; distribution chart; histogram

分布式发展模型 (w)

(fēnbùshìfāzhǎnmóxíng) distributed developmental model

分布连结网络 (w)

(fēnbùliánjiéwǎngluò) distributed connectionist network

分店 (w)

(fēndiàn) branch (of a chain store); annex

分度 (w)

(fēndù) graduation (of a measuring instrument)

分庭抗礼 (w)

(fēntíngkànglǐ) peer competition; to function as rivals; to make claims as an equal

分形 (w)

(fēnxíng) fractal

分形几何 (w)

(fēnxíngjǐhé) fractal geometry

分形几何学 (w)

(fēnxíngjǐhéxué) fractal geometry

分心 (w)

(fēnxīn) to distract

分忧 (w)

(fēnyōu) to share tribulations; to help sb with worries and difficulties

分成 (w)

(fēnchéng) to divide (into); to split a bonus; to break into; tenths; percentage allotment

分房 (w)

(fēnfáng) to sleep in separate rooms; distribution of social housing

分所 (w)

(fēnsuǒ) branch (of a company etc)

分手 (w)

(fēnshǒu) to split up; to break up

分手代理 (w)

(fēnshǒudàilǐ) "break-up agent", person who acts for sb who wishes to terminate a relationship but does not have the heart to do so

分批 (w)

(fēnpī) to do sth in batches or groups

分拆 (w)

(fènchāi) to separate off; to hive off; a demerger

分掉 (w)

(fēndiào) to share; to divide up

分担 (w)

(fēndān) share responsibility

分摊 (w)

(fēntān) to share (costs, responsibilities); to apportion

分支 (w)

(fēnzhī) branch (of company, river etc); to branch; to diverge; to ramify; to subdivide

分散 (w)

(fēnsàn) to scatter; to disperse; to distribute

分散式 (w)

(fēnsànshì) distributed

分散注意 (w)

(fēnsànzhùyì) to distract

分散的策略 (w)

(fēnsàndecèlüè) diffused strategy

分数 (w)

(fēnshù) fraction; score

分数挂帅 (w)

(fēnshùguàshuài) preoccupied with school grades; over-emphasis on test scores

分文 (w)

(fēnwén) a single penny; a single cent

分文不取 (w)

(fēnwénbùqǔ) to give for free

分明 (w)

(fēnmíng) clearly demarcated; sharply contoured

分星掰两 (w)

(fēnxīngbāiliǎng) punctilious; clear and detailed

分时 (w)

(fēnshí) time-sharing

分时多工 (w)

(fēnshíduōgōng) time division multiplexing; TDM

分晓 (w)

(fēnxiǎo) the result (becomes apparent); now one understands

分会 (w)

(fēnhuì) branch

分会场 (w)

(fēnhuìchǎng) sub-venues

分期 (w)

(fēnqī) by stages; staggered; step by step

分期付款 (w)

(fēnqīfùkuǎn) installment

分析 (w)

(fēnxī) to analyze; analysis; CL:個|个[ge4]

分析人士 (w)

(fēnxīrénshì) analyst; expert

分析化学 (w)

(fēnxīhuàxué) analytical chemistry

分析员 (w)

(fēnxīyuán) analyst (e.g. of news)

分析器 (w)

(fēnxīqì) analyzer

分析学 (w)

(fēnxīxué) mathematical analysis; calculus

分析家 (w)

(fēnxījiā) (political) analyst

分析师 (w)

(fēnxīshī) analyst; commentator

分析心理学 (w)

(fēnxīxīnlǐxué) analytical psychology; Jungian psychology

分析法 (w)

(fēnxīfǎ) the analytic method; analytic reasoning

分析研究 (w)

(fēnxīyánjiū) analysis; research

分析处理 (w)

(fēnxīchǔlǐ) to parse; analysis processing; to analyze and treat

分析语 (w)

(fēnxīyǔ) analytic language

分枝 (w)

(fēnzhī) branch

分校 (w)

(fēnxiào) branch of a school

分桃 (w)

(fēntáo) homosexual

分机 (w)

(fēnjī) (telephone) extension; CL:臺|台[tai2]

分蘖 (w)

(fēnniè) tiller (stem at the base of grass plants)

分权 (w)

(fēnquán) separation of powers

分权制衡 (w)

(fēnquánzhìhéng) separation of powers for checks and balances

分步骤 (w)

(fēnbùzhòu) step by step; one step at a time

分歧 (w)

(fēnqí) difference (of opinion, position); bifurcation

分歧点 (w)

(fēnqídiǎn) branch point; division point

分段 (w)

(fēnduàn) segment

分母 (w)

(fēnmǔ) denominator of a fraction

分毫 (w)

(fēnháo) fraction; slightest difference; hairsbreadth

分毫之差 (w)

(fēnháozhīchā) hairsbreadth difference

分水岭 (w)

(fēnshuǐlǐng) water divide; watershed

分水线 (w)

(fēnshuǐxiàn) watershed

分治 (w)

(fēnzhì) separate government; partition

分泌 (w)

(fēnmì) to secrete; secretion

分泌物 (w)

(fēnmìwù) secretion

分泌颗粒 (w)

(fēnmìkēlì) secretory granule

分波多工 (w)

(fēnbōduōgōng) wavelength division multiplexing; WDM

分洪 (w)

(fēnhóng) to separate flood; flood defense

分派 (w)

(fēnpài) to assign (a task to different people); to allocate

分流 (w)

(fēnliú) bypass

分流电路 (w)

(fēnliúdiànlù) shunt circuit; current divider (electronics)

分清 (w)

(fēnqīng) to distinguish (between different things); to make distinctions clear

分为 (w)

(fēnwéi) to divide sth into (parts); to subdivide

分争 (w)

(fēnzhēng) to dispute; to struggle for mastery

分班 (w)

(fēnbān) to divide people into groups, teams, squads etc

分生组织 (w)

(fēnshēngzǔzhī) meristem

分界线 (w)

(fēnjièxiàn) dividing line

分异 (w)

(fēnyì) distinction; differentiation

分当 (w)

(fèndāng) as should be; as expected

分发 (w)

(fēnfā) to distribute; distribution

分相 (w)

(fēnxiàng) split phase (elec.)

分社 (w)

(fēnshè) sub-division or branch of an organization; news bureau

分神 (w)

(fēnshén) to give attention to sth; please give (some of your valuable) attention to my task; to be distracted

分秒必争 (w)

(fēnmiǎobìzhēng) seize every minute and second (idiom); not a minute to lose; every moment counts

分立 (w)

(fēnlì) separations

分管 (w)

(fēnguǎn) to be put in charge of; to be responsible for; branched passage

分节 (w)

(fēnjié) segmented

分米 (w)

(fēnmǐ) decimeter

分系统 (w)

(fēnxìtǒng) subsystem

分红 (w)

(fēnhóng) a bonus; to award a bonus

分级 (w)

(fēnjí) to sort; to separate into different kinds

分组 (w)

(fēnzǔ) to divide into groups; subgroup

分组交换 (w)

(fēnzǔjiāohuàn) packet switching

分给 (w)

(fēngěi) to divide (and give to others)

分而治之 (w)

(fēnérzhìzhī) divide and rule (strategy); divide and conquer

分至点 (w)

(fēnzhìdiǎn) common word for equinox and solstice; point of difference; point of divergence

分色 (w)

(fēnsè) color separation

分色镜头 (w)

(fēnsèjìngtóu) process lens (working by color separation)

分号 (w)

(fēnhào) semicolon (punct.)

分行 (w)

(fēnháng) branch of bank or store; subsidiary bank

分袂 (w)

(fēnmèi) to leave each other; to part company

分裂 (w)

(fēnliè) to split up; to divide; to break up; fission; schism

分裂主义 (w)

(fēnlièzhǔyì) separatism

分裂组织 (w)

(fēnlièzǔzhī) separatist organization; meristem (botany)

分装 (w)

(fēnzhuāng) to divide into portions; to package in smaller quantities; to separate into loads

分装机 (w)

(fēnzhuāngjī) racking machine; filling machine

分角器 (w)

(fēnjiǎoqì) a protractor (device to divide angles)

分解 (w)

(fēnjiě) to resolve; to decompose; to break down

分解代谢 (w)

(fēnjiědàixiè) catabolism (biology); metabolic breaking down and waste disposal; dissimilation

分解作用 (w)

(fēnjiězuòyòng) decomposition

分设 (w)

(fēnshè) to set up separately; to establish separate units

分词 (w)

(fēncí) participle

分说 (w)

(fēnshuō) to explain (the difference)

分贝 (w)

(fēnbèi) decibel

分赃 (w)

(fēnzāng) to share the booty; to divide ill-gotten gains

分身 (w)

(fēnshēn) to spare time for a separate task; doppelgänger; sockpuppet (Internet slang)

分辨 (w)

(fēnbiàn) to distinguish; to differentiate; to resolve

分辨率 (w)

(fēnbiànlǜ) resolution (of a photo)

分辩 (w)

(fēnbiàn) to explain the facts; to defend against an accusation

分送 (w)

(fēnsòng) send; distribute

分道扬镳 (w)

(fēndàoyángbiāo) lit. to take different roads and urge the horses on (idiom); fig. to part ways

分部 (w)

(fēnbù) branch; subsection; to subdivide

分配 (w)

(fēnpèi) to distribute; to assign; to allocate; to partition (a hard drive)

分配律 (w)

(fēnpèilǜ) distributivity

分野 (w)

(fēnyě) dividing line between distinct realms; boundary; field-allocation (in Chinese astrology, the association between celestial regions and corresponding terrestrial realms)

分量 (w)

(fēnliàng) component

分量 (w)

(fènliang) quantity; weight; measure

分针 (w)

(fēnzhēn) minute hand (of a clock)

分销 (w)

(fēnxiāo) distribution; retail store

分销店 (w)

(fēnxiāodiàn) retail store

分销网络 (w)

(fēnxiāowǎngluò) distribution network

分录 (w)

(fēnlù) entry (accounting)

分钱 (w)

(fēnqián) cent; penny

分钟 (w)

(fēnzhōng) minute

分开 (w)

(fēnkāi) to separate; to part

分队 (w)

(fēnduì) military platoon or squad

分隔 (w)

(fēngé) to divide; to separate; partition

分离 (w)

(fēnlí) to separate

分离主义 (w)

(fēnlízhǔyì) separatism

分离分子 (w)

(fēnlífènzǐ) separatist

分音符 (w)

(fēnyīnfú) dieresis; umlaut; diacritical mark separating two adjacent syllables

分页 (w)

(fēnyè) tab window (in a web browser etc); paging; pagination; page break (computing)

分项 (w)

(fēnxiàng) sub-item (of program)

分头 (w)

(fēntóu) separately; severally

分频 (w)

(fēnpín) frequency sharing; subdivision of radio waveband

分类 (w)

(fēnlèi) classification

分类学 (w)

(fēnlèixué) taxonomy; taxology; systematics

分类帐 (w)

(fēnlèizhàng) a ledger; a spreadsheet

分类理论 (w)

(fēnlèilǐlùn) classification theory

分餐 (w)

(fēncān) separate meals; to eat individually, not in common cafeteria

分馏 (w)

(fēnliú) fractional distillation

分点 (w)

(fēndiǎn) point of division