(lòng) lane; alley


(nòng) to do; to manage; to handle; to play with; to fool with; to mess with; to fix; to toy with

弄不清 (w)

(nòngbuqīng) unable to figure out

弄丢 (w)

(nòngdiū) to lose

弄乱 (w)

(nòngluàn) to mess up; to put into disorder; to meddle with; to confuse

弄假成真 (w)

(nòngjiǎchéngzhēn) pretense that turns into reality (idiom); to play at make-believe, but accidentally make it true

弄伤 (w)

(nòngshāng) to bruise; to hurt (something)

弄僵 (w)

(nòngjiāng) to bring to deadlock; to result in a stalemate

弄到 (w)

(nòngdào) to get hold of; to obtain; to secure; to come by

弄到手 (w)

(nòngdàoshǒu) to get in hand; to get (one's) hands on; to get hold of (in the sense of to acquire)

弄嘴弄舌 (w)

(nòngzuǐnòngshé) to cause a dispute through boastful gossip (idiom)

弄坏 (w)

(nònghuài) to ruin; to spoil; to break

弄巧成拙 (w)

(nòngqiǎochéngzhuō) to outsmart oneself; to shoot oneself in the foot

弄平 (w)

(nòngpíng) to flatten

弄懂 (w)

(nòngdǒng) to make sense of; to grasp the meaning of; to figure out

弄懂弄通 (w)

(nòngdǒngnòngtōng) to have a thorough understanding of sth (idiom)

弄明白 (w)

(nòngmíngbai) to figure out how to do something

弄歪 (w)

(nòngwāi) to distort

弄死 (w)

(nòngsǐ) to kill; to put to death

弄混 (w)

(nònghún) to confuse (fail to differentiate)

弄清 (w)

(nòngqīng) to clarify; to fully understand

弄皱 (w)

(nòngzhòu) crumple

弄直 (w)

(nòngzhí) to straighten

弄短 (w)

(nòngduǎn) to shorten; shortening

弄碎 (w)

(nòngsuì) crumble

弄糟 (w)

(nòngzāo) spoil

弄虚作假 (w)

(nòngxūzuòjiǎ) to practice fraud (idiom); by trickery

弄醒 (w)

(nòngxǐng) to wake sb up

弄错 (w)

(nòngcuò) to err; to get sth wrong; to miscalculate; to misunderstand

弄脏 (w)

(nòngzāng) to make dirty; to defile; to smear