(zhēng) journey; trip; expedition; to go on long campaign; to attack

征人 (w)

(zhēngrén) traveler (on a long journey); participant in an expedition; garrison soldier; new recruit

征伐 (w)

(zhēngfá) to go on or send a punitive expedition

征剿 (w)

(zhēngjiǎo) to mount a punitive expedition against bandits

征地 (w)

(zhēngdì) to requisition land

征尘 (w)

(zhēngchén) the dust of a long journey

征夫 (w)

(zhēngfū) traveler; soldier on expedition; soldier taking part in battle

征帆 (w)

(zhēngfān) expedition ship

征彸 (w)

(zhēngzhōng) scared; badly frightened

征得 (w)

(zhēngdé) to seek approval

征戍 (w)

(zhēngshù) garrison

征战 (w)

(zhēngzhàn) campaign; expedition

征收 (w)

(zhēngshōu) to levy (a fine); to impose (a tariff)

征敛 (w)

(zhēngliǎn) to extort taxes

征敛无度 (w)

(zhēngliǎnwúdù) to extort taxes excessively

征旆 (w)

(zhēngpèi) pennant used on expedition; war pennant

征服 (w)

(zhēngfú) to conquer; to subdue; to vanquish

征服者 (w)

(zhēngfúzhě) conqueror

征用 (w)

(zhēngyòng) expropriate; commandeer

征程 (w)

(zhēngchéng) journey; expedition; voyage

征衣 (w)

(zhēngyī) traveler's clothing; military uniform

征衫 (w)

(zhēngshān) traveler's clothing; by extension, traveler

征讨 (w)

(zhēngtǎo) to go on a punitive expedition

征询 (w)

(zhēngxún) to consult; to query; to solicit opinion

征途 (w)

(zhēngtú) long journey; trek; course of an expedition

征马 (w)

(zhēngmǎ) horse capable of long expedition; army horse

征驾 (w)

(zhēngjià) horses and wagons for an expedition; vehicles and horses used in battle


(zhēng) to request; to impose (taxes); to levy (troops); to draft (for military service); phenomenon; symptom; characteristic sign (used as proof); evidence

征候 (w)

(zhēnghòu) sign; indication; symptom

征传 (w)

(zhēngzhuàn) narrative of long journey; campaign record

征兆 (w)

(zhēngzhào) omen; sign (that sth is about to happen); warning sign

征兵 (w)

(zhēngbīng) to levy troops; recruitment

征募 (w)

(zhēngmù) to conscript

征召 (w)

(zhēngzhào) to enlist; to draft; to conscript; to appoint to an official position

征名责实 (w)

(zhēngmíngzéshí) to seek out the real nature based on the name (idiom); to judge sth at face value

征士 (w)

(zhēngshì) soldier (in battle)

征婚 (w)

(zhēnghūn) to look for a partner

征实 (w)

(zhēngshí) levies in kind; grain tax

征求 (w)

(zhēngqiú) to solicit; to seek; to request (opinions, feedback etc); to petition

征发 (w)

(zhēngfā) a punitive expedition; a requisition

征税 (w)

(zhēngshuì) to levy taxes

征稿 (w)

(zhēnggǎo) to solicit subscription (to a publication)

征聘 (w)

(zhēngpìn) to invite job applications; to recruit

征象 (w)

(zhēngxiàng) sign; symptom

征集 (w)

(zhēngjí) to collect; to recruit