(rěn) to bear; to endure; to tolerate; to restrain oneself

忍不住 (w)

(rěnbuzhù) cannot help; unable to bear

忍俊 (w)

(rěnjùn) smiling

忍俊不禁 (w)

(rěnjùnbùjīn) cannot help laughing; unable to restrain a smile

忍受 (w)

(rěnshòu) to bear; to endure

忍垢偷生 (w)

(rěngòutōushēng) to bear humiliation to save one's skin (idiom)

忍得住 (w)

(rěndezhù) to refrain; to be able to endure it

忍心 (w)

(rěnxīn) to have the heart to do sth; to steel oneself to a task

忍耻 (w)

(rěnchǐ) to endure humiliation

忍气吞声 (w)

(rěnqìtūnshēng) to submit to humiliation (idiom); to suffer in silence; to swallow one's anger; to grin and bear it

忍无可忍 (w)

(rěnwúkěrěn) more than one can bear (idiom); at the end of one's patience; the last straw

忍痛 (w)

(rěntòng) to suffer; fig. reluctantly

忍者 (w)

(rěnzhě) Japanese: ninja

忍耐 (w)

(rěnnài) to show restraint; to repress (anger etc); to exercise patience

忍耐力 (w)

(rěnnàilì) patience; fortitude

忍让 (w)

(rěnràng) to exercise forbearance; patient and accommodating

忍辱偷生 (w)

(rěnrǔtōushēng) to bear humiliation to save one's skin (idiom)

忍辱含垢 (w)

(rěnrǔhángòu) to eat humble pie; to accept humiliation; to turn the other cheek

忍辱求全 (w)

(rěnrǔqiúquán) to endure humiliation to preserve unity

忍辱负重 (w)

(rěnrǔfùzhòng) to endure humiliation as part of an important mission (idiom); to suffer in silence

忍饥挨饿 (w)

(rěnjīáiè) starving; famished