(yōu) to worry; to concern oneself with; worried; anxiety; sorrow; a parent's funeral; inconvenienced by being orphaned

忧伤 (w)

(yōushāng) distressed; laden with grief

忧心 (w)

(yōuxīn) concerned; worried; disturbed; anxious

忧心忡忡 (w)

(yōuxīnchōngchōng) deeply worried and sick at heart (idiom)

忧思 (w)

(yōusī) to be anxious and worried; agitated; pensive

忧悒 (w)

(yōuyì) anxious; distressed; burdened with care

忧患 (w)

(yōuhuàn) suffering; misery; hardship

忧闷 (w)

(yōumèn) depressed; full of worries; feeling down

忧愁 (w)

(yōuchóu) to be worried

忧虑 (w)

(yōulǜ) to worry; anxiety (about)

忧惧 (w)

(yōujù) apprehension; apprehensive

忧灼 (w)

(yōuzhuó) worrying

忧苦以终 (w)

(yōukǔyǐzhōng) worried to death (idiom)

忧郁 (w)

(yōuyù) sullen; depressed; melancholy; dejected

忧郁症 (w)

(yōuyùzhèng) (psychology) depression