(suǒ) to lock up; to lock; CL:把[ba3]

锁匙 (w)

(suǒchí) key(s)

锁匠 (w)

(suǒjiang) locksmith

锁呐 (w)

(suǒnà) suona, Chinese shawm; see 嗩吶|唢呐

锁国 (w)

(suǒguó) to close a country; to exclude foreign contact; closed country (Qing China, North Korea etc)

锁孔 (w)

(suǒkǒng) keyhole

锁存器 (w)

(suǒcúnqì) latch (electronic)

锁定 (w)

(suǒdìng) to lock (a door); to close with a latch; to lock into place; a lock; a latch; to lock a computer file (to prevent it being overwritten); to lock (denying access to a computer system or device or files, e.g. by password-protection); to focus attention on; to target

锁掉 (w)

(suǒdiào) lock up; lock out; to lock

锁掣 (w)

(suǒchè) catch (of a lock)

锁链 (w)

(suǒliàn) chains; shackles

锁钥 (w)

(suǒyuè) key and lock; (fig.) strategic place

锁门 (w)

(suǒmén) to lock the door

锁闩 (w)

(suǒshuān) latch; bolt (to lock a door or window)

锁骨 (w)

(suǒgǔ) collarbone; clavicle