(shǎn) surname Shan


(shǎn) to dodge; to duck out of the way; shaken (by a fall); to sprain; to pull a muscle; lightning; spark; a flash; to flash (across one's mind); to leave behind

闪亮 (w)

(shǎnliàng) brilliant; shiny; a flare; to glisten; to twinkle

闪亮儿 (w)

(shǎnliàngr) erhua variant of 閃亮|闪亮, a flare

闪光 (w)

(shǎnguāng) flash

闪光灯 (w)

(shǎnguāngdēng) flash bulb (photography)

闪光点 (w)

(shǎnguāngdiǎn) lit. flash point; crucial point; essential point

闪动 (w)

(shǎndòng) to flicker or flash

闪卡 (w)

(shǎnkǎ) flashcard

闪含语系 (w)

(shǎnhányǔxì) Hamito-Semitic system of languages (incl. Arabic, Aramaic, Hebrew etc)

闪失 (w)

(shǎnshī) mishap; accident; accidental loss

闪婚 (w)

(shǎnhūn) lightning wedding; to get married on the spur of the moment

闪存 (w)

(shǎncún) (electronic) flash memory

闪存盘 (w)

(shǎncúnpán) USB flash drive; jump drive; thumb drive; memory stick

闪射 (w)

(shǎnshè) to radiate; to shine; glitter of light; a glint

闪念 (w)

(shǎnniàn) sudden idea; flash of thought

闪击 (w)

(shǎnjī) lightning attack; Blitzkrieg

闪击战 (w)

(shǎnjīzhàn) lightning war; Blitzkrieg

闪族 (w)

(shǎnzú) the Semites

闪映 (w)

(shǎnyìng) twinkle; flare

闪灼 (w)

(shǎnzhuó) flash

闪熠 (w)

(shǎnyì) to flare; to flash

闪烁 (w)

(shǎnshuò) flickering; twinkling; evasive; vague (of speech)

闪烁其词 (w)

(shǎnshuòqící) to speak evasively (idiom); beating about the bush

闪烁体 (w)

(shǎnshuòtǐ) scintillator

闪现 (w)

(shǎnxiàn) to flash

闪痛 (w)

(shǎntòng) stabbing pain; intermittent flash of pain

闪眼 (w)

(shǎnyǎn) to dazzle (coll.); open ice-hole

闪石 (w)

(shǎnshí) amphibole (silicate rock-forming mineral)

闪耀 (w)

(shǎnyào) to glint; to glitter; to sparkle; to radiate

闪语 (w)

(shǎnyǔ) Semitic language

闪身 (w)

(shǎnshēn) to dodge

闪躲 (w)

(shǎnduǒ) to dodge; to evade

闪辉 (w)

(shǎnhuī) scintillation

闪过 (w)

(shǎnguò) to flash through (one's mind); to dodge (away from pursuers)

闪避 (w)

(shǎnbì) to dodge; to sidestep

闪铄 (w)

(shǎnshuò) variant of 閃爍|闪烁[shan3 shuo4]

闪闪 (w)

(shǎnshǎn) flickering; sparkling; glistening; glittering

闪开 (w)

(shǎnkāi) to get out of the way

闪电 (w)

(shǎndiàn) lightning; CL:道[dao4]

闪电式结婚 (w)

(shǎndiànshìjiéhūn) lightning wedding; to get married on the spur of the moment; abbr. to 閃婚|闪婚

闪电战 (w)

(shǎndiànzhàn) Blitzkrieg; lightning war

闪露 (w)

(shǎnlù) to reveal momentarily

闪点 (w)

(shǎndiǎn) flash point