(jiān) between; among; within a definite time or space; room; section of a room or lateral space between two pairs of pillars; classifier for rooms


(jiàn) gap; to separate; to thin out (seedlings); to sow discontent

间作 (w)

(jiànzuò) interplanting

间充 (w)

(jiānchōng) mesenchymal (tissue, in cell biology)

间充质 (w)

(jiānchōngzhì) mesenchyme (loosely organized embryonic connective tissue)

间充质干细胞 (w)

(jiānchōngzhìgànxìbāo) mesenchymal stem cell MSC (in cell biology)

间或 (w)

(jiànhuò) occasionally; now and then

间接 (w)

(jiànjiē) indirect

间接税 (w)

(jiānjiēshuì) indirect tax

间接证据 (w)

(jiànjiēzhèngjù) indirect testimony; circumstantial evidence

间接宾语 (w)

(jiànjiēbīnyǔ) indirect object (grammar)

间接选举 (w)

(jiānjiēxuǎnjǔ) indirect election

间断 (w)

(jiànduàn) disconnected; interrupted; suspended

间歇 (w)

(jiànxiē) to stop in the middle of sth; intermittent; intermittence

间歇训练 (w)

(jiànxiēxùnliàn) interval training

间脑 (w)

(jiānnǎo) diencephalon

间苗 (w)

(jiànmiáo) thinning out seedlings

间谍 (w)

(jiàndié) spy

间谍活动 (w)

(jiàndiéhuódòng) espionage; spying

间谍网 (w)

(jiàndiéwǎng) spy network

间谍罪 (w)

(jiàndiézuì) crime of spying

间谍软件 (w)

(jiàndiéruǎnjiàn) spyware

间隔 (w)

(jiàngé) compartment; gap; interval; to divide

间隔号 (w)

(jiàngéhào) Chinese centred dot mark · (punct. used to separate western names or words)

间隙 (w)

(jiànxì) interval; gap; clearance