車 (U+F902 radical 車)

龜 (U+F907 radical 龜)

龜 (U+F908 radical 龜)

金 (U+F90A radical 金)

蘭 (U+F91F radical 䒑)

  1. (lán) Unicode compatibility variant for 蘭; orchid

盧 (U+F933 radical 皿)

  1. (lú) Korean variant of 盧|卢

老 (U+F934 radical 老)

  1. (lǎo) unicode compatibility variant of 老

鹿 (U+F940 radical 鹿)

不 (U+F967 radical 一)

  1. (bù) variant of 不; (negative prefix); not; no

辰 (U+F971 radical 辰)

女 (U+F981 radical 女)

力 (U+F98A radical 力)

練 (U+F996 radical 糸)

  1. (liàn) variant of 練|练, to practice; to train; to drill; to perfect (one's skill); exercise

龍 (U+F9C4 radical 龍)

里 (U+F9E9 radical 里)

立 (U+F9F7 radical 立)

識 (U+F9FC radical 言)

  1. (shí) Unicode compatibility variant of 識|识