Stack Overflow ebooks

These books contain the top questions from a selection of the top tags on Stack Overflow. The top questions include those with a score of 10 or greater (except in the case of a high volume tag like c#). I have to limit the number of questions in each book because of the poor O(n2) performance of kindlegen.

Each book is organised in three different ways:

  1. The table of contents shows the questions sorted by vote score (highest first).
  2. The main body of the book contains questions sorted by most recent first.
  3. The index contains questions sorted alphabetically by title.

The file contains all the books in one zip file for easy downloading.

Reading on the Kindle

The title of the book will appear something like:

Stack overflow - python (227) - Oct 2010

"python" is the tag; there are 227 questions in the book; the latest question included is from October 2010.