Consult-O-Matic is an interactive productivity tool designed to assist in the composition of monthly reports, project plans, memos to management, and so forth. Consult-O-Matic generates as output high-fog-index sentences suitable for befuddling even the most determined seeker-after-content. If you need vast amounts of text for really serious tush-covering, enter the number of sentences needed at the prompt. For example, entering "5" produces half a screen of heat-treated, battle-hardened, industrial-strength slop, well suited to choking hogs and assurance planners.

Have fun, but try not to use the output in a real memo, because somebody might not notice!

(The Consult-O-Matic requires a browser with Java enabled. If you are reading this, your browser does not support Java.)

To integrate Consult-O-Matic into your own programs, the Java source is available. You will also need the data file.

Consult-O-Matic is based on Foggy, a Turbo Pascal program by John Lawler.