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pluralitas non est ponenda sine necessitate
- Occam's Razor

This site is a place for me to publish content that I consider interesting. There is free software, a photo gallery, a blog, links, and more.


I update stuff on this site every now and then. I'm adding this news section at the risk of it being perpetually out of date.


Although I write software for a living, occasionally I find some spare time to write useful or fun software outside of work. All the software in this section is Free Software of one sort or another, and include source code.



Generic (cross-platform)

Widgets (Yahoo Widgets, now obsolete)


Real-World Computing

A computer by itself is just a box with some fancy lights and switches. Connect it to the real world, however, and you immediately have a sophisticated data logging, reporting, management, and analysis tool.

Distributed Computing

If you've got a lot of computers handy, distributed computing is one way to shorten the time required to solve certain kinds of problems. By having each computer do a small part of the problem, large problems can be broken up into many smaller problems.

Photo Gallery

The photo gallery has pictures taken with my digital camera. Digital cameras are great for nerds like me who are interested in photography but don't want to deal with that film stuff.

Fun Stuff

This section has various software things that aren't "big enough" to put in the Software section.


I have contributed in various ways to some projects around the net. My contributions page lists some of the things I've done.


Few things are less interesting than looking at somebody else's bookmarks. Nevertheless, I have collected a small list of useful links on my Links Page.


Greg Hewgill <greg@hewgill.com>