Image Linking Hall of Shame

This page is a gallery of other pages that link directly to images on this server, stealing bandwidth and often not properly attributing the source of images.

Recently I added copyright notices to all the images in my photo gallery. I also added the image URL to each image, so visitors who see just the image will know where to find the original. I really don't mind other people using my images, but proper attribution is always appreciated.

The data on this page is mostly automatically generated by a Python script which scans my web server logs, and formatted with XSLT.
Bytes: 1,244,511,502
Hits: 70252
Dates: 2002-09-30 to 2004-10-24

I got farked! Well, really somebody just posted a link to one of my Tehachapi Loop pictures in a comment to what seems to be a rather popular thread.
Bytes: 293,317,032
Hits: 1019
Dates: 2004-07-02 to 2004-10-23
Bytes: 231,673,283
Hits: 1083
Dates: 2002-08-20 to 2004-10-24

There are a multitude of users who, either presently or in the past, have linked directly to images on my site. Usually they are background images, which are large and therefore take a lot of bandwidth.
Bytes: 220,181,560
Hits: 532
Dates: 2004-02-02 to 2004-10-23
Bytes: 163,997,609
Hits: 12216
Dates: 2003-03-12 to 2003-09-27

This was the number one worst offender. For about six months, the set of pictures linked from the user's profile page included some of mine. Fortunately, he chose small images, but the number of hits is by far the most I've seen.
Bytes: 137,506,871
Hits: 782
Dates: 2003-03-27 to 2004-10-13

This one is an inlined image in a blog (written in an arabic script, probably Farsi). The problem here is the user linked to the full size 1024x768 picture, then scaled down to 400x300. A much better choice would have been to link to one of the pre-scaled images on my site.
Bytes: 136,601,599
Hits: 2099
Dates: 2003-12-26 to 2004-10-21
Bytes: 113,136,220
Hits: 222
Dates: 2004-02-22 to 2004-10-23

This one inlines the full size image with no attempt at scaling. So it forces the user to scroll the page left and right to see the whole thing. What a mess!
Bytes: 70,058,242
Hits: 967
Dates: 2003-06-16 to 2004-10-22

At least this guy inlines smaller images. But he claims to own my car, calling it the "most problematic car i have ever owned". Further in the thread another user attempts to catch him in his lie, but the subtlety is too much and nobody seems to notice.
Bytes: 60,783,509
Hits: 118
Dates: 2002-01-21 to 2004-10-21
Bytes: 50,752,527
Hits: 561
Dates: 2004-02-10 to 2004-10-22

Looks like somebody likes my train pictures. The text says (translated to English): "I found a few spectacular pictures of Tehachapi Pass in California". However, just one of my pictures is inlined, a link to the rest of them would have been appreciated.
Bytes: 39,560,209
Hits: 134
Dates: 2004-03-12 to 2004-10-18

This one isn't inlined anymore, but is the target of a "Click here!" link.
Bytes: 34,288,728
Hits: 735
Dates: 2002-10-30 to 2004-10-23
Bytes: 30,346,296
Hits: 385
Dates: 2003-08-14 to 2004-10-23

The monster firebird is rated "Not Rice"!
Bytes: 30,125,646
Hits: 516
Dates: 2004-02-17 to 2004-07-23
Bytes: 27,682,313
Hits: 54
Dates: 2004-03-05 to 2004-10-23
Bytes: 26,571,505
Hits: 144
Dates: 2001-11-09 to 2004-06-08

This guy uses my car as his Yahoo profile icon. Not only does he link to the full size 1024x768 picture, but it's scaled to an awful 150x150! This destroys the aspect ratio and it looks like a toy car.
Bytes: 26,169,487
Hits: 534
Dates: 2003-08-01 to 2004-10-15
Bytes: 18,387,186
Hits: 116
Dates: 2004-06-22 to 2004-10-21
Bytes: 16,257,361
Hits: 118
Dates: 2002-07-14 to 2004-09-02
Bytes: 12,568,560
Hits: 65
Dates: 2003-04-16 to 2004-10-22
Bytes: 10,486,699
Hits: 2430
Dates: 2003-03-20 to 2004-10-24

My photo is used as the background image on this personal profile page. The new copyright notice adds a nice touch I think.
Bytes: 8,342,394
Hits: 203
Dates: 2003-04-22 to 2004-10-16
Bytes: 7,347,880
Hits: 113
Dates: 2004-03-12 to 2004-05-11
Bytes: 4,178,300
Hits: 154
Dates: 2003-08-13 to 2004-10-24
Bytes: 3,430,390
Hits: 32
Dates: 2004-02-16 to 2004-09-04
Bytes: 1,453,956
Hits: 114
Dates: 2004-03-14 to 2004-03-28
Bytes: 1,216,144
Hits: 20
Dates: 2004-02-23 to 2004-04-09

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