需 (U+9700 radical 雨)

  1. (xū) to require; to need; to want; necessity; need
4 entries starting with 需

霁 (U+9701 radical 雨)

  1. (jì) sky clearing up

霂 (U+9702 radical 雨)

  1. (mù) drizzle; fine rain

霄 (U+9704 radical 雨)

  1. (xiāo) firmament; heaven
3 entries starting with 霄

霅 (U+9705 radical 雨)

  1. (zhá) surname Zha
  2. (zhá) rain
2 entries starting with 霅

霆 (U+9706 radical 雨)

  1. (tíng) clap of thunder

震 (U+9707 radical 雨)

  1. (zhèn) to shake; to vibrate; to jolt; to quake; excited; shocked; one of the Eight Trigrams 八卦[ba1 gua4], symbolizing thunder; ☳
40 entries starting with 震

霈 (U+9708 radical 雨)

  1. (pèi) torrent of rain

霉 (U+9709 radical 雨)

  1. (méi) bacteria; fungi; moldy
10 entries starting with 霉

霊 (U+970A radical 雨)

  1. (líng) Japanese variant of 靈|灵

霍 (U+970D radical 雨)

  1. (huò) surname Huo
  2. (huò) suddenly
44 entries starting with 霍

霎 (U+970E radical 雨)

  1. (shà) all of a sudden; drizzle
6 entries starting with 霎

霏 (U+970F radical 雨)

  1. (fēi) fall of snow

霓 (U+9713 radical 雨)

  1. (ní) secondary rainbow
5 entries starting with 霓

霖 (U+9716 radical 雨)

  1. (lín) continued rain

霙 (U+9719 radical 雨)

  1. (yīng) sleet; snowflakes

霜 (U+971C radical 雨)

  1. (shuāng) frost; white powder or cream spread over a surface; frosting; (skin) cream
11 entries starting with 霜

霝 (U+971D radical 雨)

  1. (líng) drops of rain; to fall in drops

霞 (U+971E radical 雨)

  1. (xiá) red clouds
7 entries starting with 霞

霢 (U+9722 radical 雨)

  1. (mò) drizzling rain; showered with favors

霣 (U+9723 radical 雨)

  1. (yǔn) rain storm; to fall

霤 (U+9724 radical 雨)

  1. (liù) dripping of rain from eaves

霨 (U+9728 radical 雨)

  1. (wèi) rising of clouds

霩 (U+9729 radical 雨)

  1. (kuò) variant of 廓, big; empty; open

霪 (U+972A radical 雨)

  1. (yín) heavy rain

霫 (U+972B radical 雨)

  1. (xí) Sui-Tang (premodern ethnic group)

霭 (U+972D radical 雨)

  1. (ǎi) mist; haze; cloudy sky
3 entries starting with 霭

霮 (U+972E radical 雨)

  1. (dàn) denseness of clouds

霰 (U+9730 radical 雨)

  1. (xiàn) sleet
2 entries starting with 霰

露 (U+9732 radical 雨)

  1. (lù) surname Lu
  2. (lòu) to show; to reveal; to betray; to expose
  3. (lù) dew; syrup; nectar; outdoors (not under cover); to show; to reveal; to betray; to expose
40 entries starting with 露

霸 (U+9738 radical 雨)

  1. (bà) hegemon; tyrant; lord; feudal chief; to rule by force; to usurp; (in modern advertising) master
18 entries starting with 霸

霹 (U+9739 radical 雨)

  1. (pī) clap of thunder
6 entries starting with 霹

霾 (U+973E radical 雨)

  1. (mái) dust-storm

靑 (U+9751 radical 靑)

  1. (qīng) variant of 青[qing1]

青 (U+9752 radical 靑)

  1. (qīng) nature's color; green or blue; greenish black; youth; young (of people); abbr. for Qinghai province 青海
138 entries starting with 青

靓 (U+9753 radical 靑)

  1. (jìng) to make up (one's face); to dress; (of one's dress) beautiful
  2. (liàng) attractive; good-looking
7 entries starting with 靓

靖 (U+9756 radical 靑)

  1. (jìng) surname Jing
  2. (jìng) quiet; peaceful; to make tranquil; to pacify
21 entries starting with 靖

静 (U+9759 radical 靑)

  1. (jìng) still; calm; quiet; not moving
41 entries starting with 静

靛 (U+975B radical 靑)

  1. (diàn) indigo pigment
8 entries starting with 靛

非 (U+975E radical 非)

  1. (fēi) abbr. for 非洲[Fei1 zhou1], Africa
  2. (fēi) to not be; not; wrong; incorrect; non-; un-; in-; to reproach or blame; (colloquial) to insist on; simply must
117 entries starting with 非

靠 (U+9760 radical 非)

  1. (kào) to lean against or on; to stand by the side of; to come near to; to depend or rely on; to trust; to fuck (vulgar); traditional military costume drama where the performers wear armor (old)
16 entries starting with 靠

靡 (U+9761 radical 非)

  1. (mí) wasted
  2. (mǐ) extravagant; go with fashion; not
6 entries starting with 靡

面 (U+9762 radical 面)

  1. (miàn) face; side; surface; aspect; top; classifier for flat surfaces such as drums, mirrors, flags etc
  2. (miàn) flour; noodles
100 entries starting with 面

靣 (U+9763 radical 面)

靥 (U+9765 radical 面)

  1. (yè) dimple

革 (U+9769 radical 革)

  1. (gé) animal hide; leather; to reform; to remove; to expel (from office)
28 entries starting with 革

靪 (U+976A radical 革)

  1. (dīng) to cobble, to patch

靬 (U+976C radical 革)

  1. (jiān) see 犂靬[Li2 jian1], Han dynasty name for countries in far West

靮 (U+976E radical 革)

  1. (dí) reins; bridle

靰 (U+9770 radical 革)

  1. (wù) leg warmer

靳 (U+9773 radical 革)

  1. (jìn) surname Jin
  2. (jìn) martingale; stingy
2 entries starting with 靳

靴 (U+9774 radical 革)

  1. (xuē) boots
4 entries starting with 靴

靶 (U+9776 radical 革)

  1. (bǎ) target; mark
7 entries starting with 靶

靷 (U+9777 radical 革)

  1. (yǐn) traces (of a carriage)

靸 (U+9778 radical 革)

  1. (sǎ) children's shoe (old); to wear ones' shoes babouche-style

靺 (U+977A radical 革)

  1. (mò) name of a tribe; socks; stockings

靼 (U+977C radical 革)

  1. (dá) (phonetic); dressed leather

靿 (U+977F radical 革)

  1. (yào) the leg of a boot

鞀 (U+9780 radical 革)

  1. (táo) hand drum used by peddlers

鞃 (U+9783 radical 革)

  1. (hóng) a leaning board on carriage

鞄 (U+9784 radical 革)

  1. (páo) to work hides; leather bag

鞅 (U+9785 radical 革)

  1. (yāng) martingale (leather strap in horse harness); discontented
3 entries starting with 鞅

鞋 (U+978B radical 革)

  1. (xié) shoe; CL:雙|双[shuang1],隻|只[zhi1]
11 entries starting with 鞋

鞌 (U+978C radical 革)

  1. (ān) graphic variant of 鞍

鞍 (U+978D radical 革)

  1. (ān) saddle
7 entries starting with 鞍

鞑 (U+9791 radical 革)

  1. (dá) Tartar; a tribe in China
5 entries starting with 鞑

鞗 (U+9797 radical 革)

  1. (tiáo) reins of leather

鞘 (U+9798 radical 革)

  1. (qiào) scabbard; sheath
4 entries starting with 鞘

鞙 (U+9799 radical 革)

  1. (xuàn) fine

鞚 (U+979A radical 革)

  1. (kòng) bridle; reins

鞝 (U+979D radical 革)

  1. (shàng) to sole a shoe; also written 緔|绱[shang4]
  2. (zhǎng) patch of leather
3 entries starting with 鞝

鞞 (U+979E radical 革)

  1. (bǐng) scabbard

鞠 (U+97A0 radical 革)

  1. (jū) surname Ju
  2. (jū) to bring up; to rear; Taiwan pr. [ju2]
6 entries starting with 鞠

鞡 (U+97A1 radical 革)

  1. (la) leg warmer

鞣 (U+97A3 radical 革)

  1. (róu) suede; chamois; tannin; to tan
2 entries starting with 鞣

鞨 (U+97A8 radical 革)

  1. (hé) buskin; name of a tribe; turban

鞫 (U+97AB radical 革)

  1. (jú) to interrogate; to question

鞬 (U+97AC radical 革)

  1. (jiān) a quiver on a horse; a store

鞭 (U+97AD radical 革)

  1. (biān) whip or lash; to flog; to whip; conductor's baton; segmented iron weapon (old)
15 entries starting with 鞭

鞮 (U+97AE radical 革)

  1. (dī) surname Di
  2. (dī) leather shoes
2 entries starting with 鞮

鞯 (U+97AF radical 革)

  1. (jiān) saddle blanket

鞶 (U+97B6 radical 革)

  1. (pán) large belt

鞹 (U+97B9 radical 革)

  1. (kuò) leather

鞾 (U+97BE radical 革)

  1. (xuē) boots

韅 (U+97C5 radical 革)

  1. (xiǎn) leather girth on horse

韋 (U+97CB radical 韋)

韍 (U+97CD radical 韋)

  1. (fú) kneepad

韎 (U+97CE radical 韋)

  1. (mèi) a grass that gives red dye

韔 (U+97D4 radical 韋)

  1. (chàng) bow bag

韖 (U+97D6 radical 韋)

  1. (róu) tan, soften

韘 (U+97D8 radical 韋)

  1. (shè) archer's thumb ring

韝 (U+97DD radical 韋)

  1. (gōu) archer's arm guard

韡 (U+97E1 radical 韋)

  1. (wěi) gorgeous

韣 (U+97E3 radical 韋)

  1. (dú) bow case

韦 (U+97E6 radical 韦)

  1. (wéi) surname Wei
  2. (wéi) soft leather
16 entries starting with 韦

韧 (U+97E7 radical 韦)

  1. (rèn) annealed; pliable but strong; tough; tenacious
5 entries starting with 韧

韩 (U+97E9 radical 韦)

  1. (hán) Han, one of the Seven Hero States of the Warring States 戰國七雄|战国七雄; Korea from the fall of the Joseon dynasty in 1897; Korea, esp. South Korea 大韓民國|大韩民国; surname Han
44 entries starting with 韩

韪 (U+97EA radical 韦)

  1. (wěi) correct; right

韫 (U+97EB radical 韦)

  1. (yùn) contain

韬 (U+97EC radical 韦)

  1. (tāo) bow case or scabbard; to hide; military strategy
3 entries starting with 韬

韭 (U+97ED radical 韭)

  1. (jiǔ) leek
3 entries starting with 韭

韱 (U+97F1 radical 韭)

  1. (xiān) wild onions or leeks

音 (U+97F3 radical 音)

  1. (yīn) sound; noise; note (of musical scale); tone; news; syllable; reading (phonetic value of a character)
59 entries starting with 音

韵 (U+97F5 radical 音)

  1. (yùn) beautiful sound; appeal; charm; vowel; rhyme; in Chinese phonetics, the medial and final sound of a syllable (i.e. excluding the initial consonant)
19 entries starting with 韵

韶 (U+97F6 radical 音)

  1. (sháo) surname Shao
  2. (sháo) (music); excellent; harmonious
7 entries starting with 韶

韹 (U+97F9 radical 音)

  1. (huáng) music of bell and drum

韺 (U+97FA radical 音)

  1. (yīng) music of legendary emperor Gu