Date: 2003-10-05 22:20:00
Tags: photos, weather
fulmo bonegas
I got several good lightning pictures this evening. Here's one:

You can see the rest of them in my gallery.

Although I didn't have a chance to fly, this was certainly an enjoyable weekend anyway. Most of the enjoyable parts were spent in the company of friends, the rest of it was me procrastinating about doing some yardwork (which I eventually did get around to doing). I was considering doing some geocaching but didn't get to it. Maybe the next non-flying weekend. I'm going to load a bunch of local cache coordinates into my GPS so geocaching can be more spontaneous. Less planning, more doing. (Thanks [info]openmynd :)

In case you were wondering, the title of this post ("fulmo bonegas") is Esperanto and essentially means "lightning is awesome".
Ne problemo. :-) Pli farado. :-)

Belegajn bildojn. La fulmo estis tre proxima al mi dum cxi tiu vespero.
Are you triggering it by light or just using a shutter-release at 1s intervals? I'm curious about the technique. :)
I'm just doing simple 1 s interval pictures, nothing fancy. I posted some more details over here in .
I went geocaching once after buying my gps to do it. It was too much work with the kids, I'd love to go again sometime now that they're older, so let me know when you're gonna go if you want company.

Yes, that would be fun!
(anonymous) : fulmo
For chrissakes, send this one to a newspaper or National Geographic. It's no sense wasting your talent on


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