Date: 2003-10-24 23:00:00
Tags: photos
this evening's light show
There was a spectacular sunset this evening, so I ran outside (I was still at work, still not enough hours in the day) and took some pictures. Some more in my gallery...

[info]dopplertx : hell ya
I stayed late at work carving a pumpkin. By the time I finally finished, many of my pumpkin-carving coworkers had left, and it was dusk. I hate riding my bicycle at dusk, but I did it anyway. The sky was amazingly beautiful. While I was waiting for the light at 51st and 35, I got off the bike so I could stare off to the west and admire the sunset. That was the end of my good day. Things went to shit as soon as I got on my bike and headed back home :-/
[info]xomox : Beautiful indeed
We went to see Kill Bill at the Village Alamo last evening, which turned out ot be sold out by the time we got there. In the end, it was a good thing, since we got to spend a lot of time admiring the show in the sky. It was beautiful how the tops of the clouds were flattened, but the bottoms were like cotton candy hanging towards the earth. I took several pictures with my phone, but I'm almost afraid to see how they turned out. :)
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