Date: 2003-11-03 23:41:00
Tags: eclipse, astrophotography
more moon pictures
I took some more pictures of the moon tonight. It was a lot brighter than the other day and also a bit cloudy, so I had to catch it in between clouds. Click on the picture for a few more.

There is a total lunar eclipse coming up this weekend. It will be visible from almost everywhere on earth, except far eastern Asia and Australia. In North America the moon will be partially eclipsed at moonrise (which is also sunset that day) on Saturday November 8, with the greatest eclipse occurring at 7:30 PM Central time. I will try to take pictures, of course.

Bonaj fotoj! Sed: "Mi provos fari fotojn, kompreneble." Mi esperas ke vi ne forgesis pri la TTK, pigrulo! :) Ĉu vi alportos vian forvidilon, por ke ĉiuj Esperantistoj povas vidi la eklipson? Tio bonegus!
I hope this doesn't mean you won't be at xomox's party!
Oh crap, I forgot about that. Now I'm triple booked. Maybe I can go for four...
That's just crazy having a Halloween party 8 days after Halloween anyway! Ironically, the TTK was scheduled for Nov 8 rather than Nov 1 so that it wouldn't conflict with Halloween events... Oh well, the best laid plans....
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