Date: 2006-02-18 22:39:00
Tags: geopoliconomic, puzzle
answer to geopoliconomic question
The answer to the latest geopoliconomic question is:

The highlighted countries have English as an official language.

I think this one may have been too easy. I have to give credit to NevDull for this response:

20:13 <gregh>
20:14 <NevDull> Something about speaking English

Next month, I'll try to select something a bit different.
Actually, as I recall, the US has no official language (although the predominant language is English). Wikipedia mentions this.
a quick google yields this:
Now that I think of it, omitting the US from the map for that reason would have made the map somewhat more interesting! It might have looked more like a Former British Colonies map, but not exactly.
Greg Hewgill <>