Date: 2006-03-22 14:40:00
Tags: nz
new zealand!
We're just a few minutes away from heading to the airport, on our way to New Zealand.

Outbound: AA 427, NZ 5

One-way trip! See you on the other side!
Bon vojagô!
Bonŝancon, kaj ĝuu la novan hejmon!
I wish you both the very best. Happy travels. Here's to a new life, wherever it is!
[info]bovineone : Back from the airport
Since we couldn't find the keys to the suburban, I had to take Greg and Amy to the airport in my Jeep with all of their luggage. That was definitely the fullest I've ever had to pack the Jeep!
yes, it was pretty damn full... But a big thanks to Cow for even giving us $3 for the luggage cart when we only had $2. Cow, you ROCK!
Greg Hewgill <>