Date: 2006-04-19 18:04:00
wireless troubles gone
I finally returned the Linksys WRT54G v5 wireless router that was giving me so much trouble, and exchanged it for a D-Link DI-524 AirPlus G. It's so nice to have reliable wireless once again.

We also bought a desk today. It's so nice not to have all our computer stuff sitting on the floor.

We bought barstools yesterday, so we can sit at the kitchen counter and eat a meal without having to balance plates on our knees.

Next monday, our futon couch which will double as a guest bed, will be delivered. (Hint: We need guests to visit!)

It's slowly starting to look more like a home in here. I think the only remaining bits of furniture we'd like to have are a couple of bedside tables, and a TV stand so the TV and DVD player aren't sitting on the floor.
We used that D-link router for quite some time in the PinkPalace, but had to replace it eventually. It ended up cutting out connections, not handing out DHCP, locking up, etc. From what I understand, some of those units give all kinds of troubs, and some of them work forever. Hope you drew well.
I'm going to assume that those were software problems, fixed by a later revision of the firmware. :)
I'm afraid the problems existed with old, new, and even beta firmware. We switched out about 2 months ago.
WRT54G's are simply crap. I once replaced one in the office with a turd and noone noticed.
Greg Hewgill <>