Date: 2006-04-25 09:52:00
Tags: mlp
turkey to iraq and back in six hours as a tourist (travelogue)

I just read a fascinating story online about a couple of guys who drove from Istanbul to Iraq and back, just on a lark:

The whole thing was just weird. I don’t quite know how to convey how surreal it is to leave a country that maybe, just maybe, might join the European Union and enter a country that is a poster-child for wrenching war-torn catastrophe and have everything around me dramatically improve all at once. But that's how it goes these days when you cross into Iraq from Turkey.

Michael Totten: Back to Iraq (six parts)

I've been reading Mr.Totten's blog via the Instapundit. Some really fascinating stuff!!! I plan on donating to his site to help him keep up the good work.
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