Date: 2006-05-28 13:20:00
lazy sunday morning
Amy and I made breakfast tacos this morning, with grilled potatoes and chorizo and scrambled eggs and grated cheese, suitably spiced with salsa. They were really good!
So, what's typically kiwi food? I assume it's not kiwis!!
I think something more typical is an English style breakfast - sausages, fried eggs, grilled tomatoes. But I don't think we've ever actually gone out for breakfast here. :)

A really good snack here is the meat pie, or more generally, meat (steak, mince, etc) plus something else (mushrooms, cheese, etc) in pastry. You can get them almost anywhere too, any bakery and even 24 hour gas stations. On the way home last night we picked up a sausage+garlic+cheese roll. Mmm.
Cold baked beans (or cold spaghetti) on toast!

Or Weetbix! ("Kiwi kids... are Weetbix kids...")

Hubbard's makes good cereals...

Yeah, my breakfast during the week is usually Weetbix (which was called Weetabix in Canada), and muesli. Keeps me going until lunchtime!
The muesli greg has for breakfast is hubbard's muesli. haven't been brave enough to try the cold spaghetti on toast. warm spaghetti on toast is AWESOME! had that in oz.
[info]dopplertx : potatoes or tomatoes?
by the way, chorizo+egg+potatoe+cheese = The Shack Taco! mmmm!
Same thing I had for breakfast at the DZ. They didn't have any salsa, though. :(
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