Date: 2006-07-21 10:11:00
Tags: geopoliconomic
geopoliconomic hint
I almost forgot to post the hint for this week's geopoliconomic question! The hint is that the answer relates to an upcoming change in New Zealand on 31 July.

I apologise in advance if this one ends up being too obscure. But I think the answer will be interesting in any case. Comments are enabled on this post, feel free to ask questions if you like.
Google makes that too much of a hint.
Great, you can google. But what do those countries have in common? :)
so, google says something with money... however, why is Spain yellow but the rest of the "Euro currency" countries are not?? ...
How many characters are there in the chinese alphabet?
About 5000. But it's not an alphabet because the characters don't represent phonemes.

I was sort of hoping for questions related to the quiz. :)
What is the meaning of life?
You're right, I stand corrected. I must say I've been reading all these quizzes you put up along with all the hints and stories about your travels and life abroad, and I can only think of one question. Is that your real hair?
It is indeed. More evidence can be found here. However, my hair only stayed that colour for a couple of weeks before it grew out and I cut it back. It sure was fun while it lasted, though!
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