Date: 2006-08-01 18:58:00
threat level: permanently "yellow"?
As I updated my threat level monitor the other day, I was wondering:

Will the US government ever update the national threat advisory level again?

When was the last time it changed, anyway? It's been yellow for quite some time.
Uh... you don't have it MRTG'd or something??!
I didn't think the historical information would be (a) interesting, or (b) hard to find after the fact.
Clearly you forgot that when it comes to stats, c) that's not the point!

When was the last time it changed, anyway?

About a year ago (July 7, 2005 - August 12, 2005) it was upgraded to Orange only for mass transit systems following the London bombings.
The last nationwide elevation to Orange was about two and a half years ago, December 21, 2003 - January 9, 2004.
Even sheep are scared of the same stimulus for only so long - I'm sure they have a 'threat box' full of ideas on how to scare the bejesus out of us next time they need to operate behind closed doors without any questions. Maybe it will be a combo of the color plus the object of the actual threat, like maybe a red ship or a yellow car or a green plane. Different segments of big business will make a killing with each threat, giving equal payback to those who helped elect these schmucks.
Looks like it is up to severe today. Did everyone's monitor jump?
No, the national level, which is the only level reported by my threat monitor, remains yellow or elevated. Certain sectors did go up to orange, but there isn't an easy source for those on the web.
Greg Hewgill <>