Date: 2006-09-07 23:50:00
Tags: mirror, xearth
keeping the past alive

A while ago I noticed that the web page for Kirk Johnson's original xearth program, on which I based xearth for Windows, had vanished. Of course, nothing ever really vanishes on the internet, so thanks to I was able to reconstruct a complete copy of the original xearth page.

I also gathered up copies of all the past xearth distribution files I could find and collected them at the bottom of my xearth page.

It's amazing how often I take for granted that a web site or even a single page will "be there" whenever I want. I'm still shocked when I visit an old link to find a 404, or even worse, a totaly different page there instead.

I've stored more than a couple pages locally out of fear of them going away at some point.
(anonymous) : Xplanet
Xplanet claims to be inspired by Xearth, and looks to have much cooler rendering output:
Personally, I could use an xmoon. That has much more import for me.
Greg Hewgill <>