Date: 2007-05-01 13:12:00
daylight saving time
After watching North America struggle with the changing dates of daylight saving time a few weeks ago, today New Zealand has announced date-fiddling too. Beginning in September 2007, daylight saving time will begin one week earlier and end two weeks later.

People keep saying things like "benefits were expected to include savings in power usage" but the power saving myth has been debunked by studies done in Australia in 2000 and more recently in the US.

Now, why can't we all switch to DST permanently and put a stop to this "daylight saving" nonsense?
Daylight "saving" time is a plot to make you get up early and go to bed early! We should stick to normal non-"saving" time because that's the actual time: noon is (close enough to) the middle of the day, and midnight the middle of the night.
Stay on the same time all year round? Thats crazy talk! Who would do such a thing? ... Oh, right.. Arizona. We rule. :)
Another solution is to move closer to the equator, but then it's hot.
Greg Hewgill <>