Date: 2007-05-23 19:58:00
non toxic colors
What I want to know is, what do the toxic colors look like?

Bright, bright red.

Because of the cadmium.
There you go, spoiling my silliness with facts! :)
Toxic Color
They look DELICIOUS, of course.

I just tried using ljdump. Yay for python! Boohiss for LJ deleting 500 accounts recently (which is why I wanted an archive of my LJ posts, just in case.)

Anyways, ljdump choked and died at one point. Oh pooh - I just closed the terminal and lost the error message. Erm, if I re-start ljdump, does it start up where it left off or back at the beginning or ?

and if I post my error message, do you think you might have an idea of what went wrong and maybe how to fix it? I can edit the source code if I have some idea what I should be tweaking.

Thanks for any help!
btw - great hair!
Occasionally ljdump dies due to an error from the LJ servers, which seems to magically fix itself next time it's run. Sometimes, there is journal content that can cause ljdump to die every time it's run. If you restart it, it may or may not start from where it left off depending on how far it got the first time. Sending me the error message would probably help.

Feel free to email me (email address on lj profile page) to avoid cluttering up the comments with a big long thread.
Greg Hewgill <>