Date: 2007-06-20 21:51:00
another domain for the scrap heap
A few years ago I registered My plan was to set up a spoof site in the spirit of something like

The site was to be full of sensationalist "news" articles that predicted the upcoming shortage of entropy. As a fully industrial world, humanity's consumption of entropy was skyrocketing and unless we started to conserve entropy now, we would start to run out in just a few short years. This would all be backed up by an assortment of dubious scientific claims and quotes. The crisis would be in the future lack of entropy.

Or, perhaps it could have taken the position that our society was producing too much entropy as we manufacture more and more goods. This entropy would pile up like pollution, we would eventually be unable to contain it, and it would spring back out at us in a maelstrom of heat, light, megastorms, and mysteriously failing iPods. This crisis would be in the future surplus of entropy.

My own crisis was that I could never figure out which of these scenarios could be the most sensational. I couldn't figure out how to tie the spoof in with the real laws of thermodynamics in a way that was even vaguely plausible. Also, I never found time to actually write anything of substance for the site (so far, this post is the most I've written on the topic).

The domain name is due to expire in a few weeks and unless I find myself suddenly inspired to create a whole spoof web site, I'm not going to renew it. I think I'll stick to programming.
Greg Hewgill <>